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  1. taylorhaze15

    My First Grow!

    Just want some help and answers for my stupid ass questions along the way. Hope for your help with my grow! Enjoy!
  2. J

    Is this a hermaphrodite?

    Just wondering if anyone can confirm whether this plant (cheese ... 7 weeks flowering) has hermied on me ... It's in a hard to reach place in the room ... seemed to be chugging along nicely ... then noticed these. Can't see any nanas ... Are these new pre-flowers .... or are they balls...
  3. K

    Marijuana Arrests Increase In Nebraska, Mostly Along Colorado Border

    Nebraska spent about $10 million on enforcement of marijuana laws in 2014, according to a new report. The study from the Nebraska Center for Justice Research found counties along the Colorado border, in the panhandle, and along Interstate 80 had the highest rates of marijuana arrests in 2014...
  4. K

    Let's revisit LED lights for the newbies - Me

    Ok...so i dont want to spend $800 or so dollars for a bank of lights that cost maybe 200 to put together...any ideas from anybody? the right type of led to build your own? or a cheaper way to build or buy these lights....my grow tent is only 2X4 im using T5 fluorescents along with spiral cool...
  5. Chinnubie

    A Year Later Still At It

    I had to take care of some really important life changes, which explains the year off from 420 mag. We got a new house along with a better employment situation, another obvious reason for the lapse of time. I wanted to make sure there were no hicups along the employment process to becoming...