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  1. N


    Greetings, Im the new guy. New grower. but dedicated. 45 yrs of age. Green thumb in all other plants, always had a garden. so not totally inept but still alot to learn. Joined to be able to learn and get advice from master growers here.
  2. C

    About myself

    Im 25 live Cali i use weed for medicinal helps relieve stress i also have serious lower back problems so it also helps sooth my muscles at night and helps me sleep. I always wanted to grow weed idk its not more so for the weed it just kind of amaze me how a seed can turn into this big ass plant...
  3. M

    High it's me Meatpickle - Glad to be here

    Read alot of forums and visited alot of sites. I chose this one to be active in as it is a whole person site with great reads and sets itself apart with pertinent assets to meet its membershis needs. I do have questions hoping for a good direction from the ones who have grown before me.
  4. J

    Did I top her right?

    Hey guys im guessing i did it right cause the nodes right below where i cut at there is alot of new growth compared to when i cut it..
  5. T


    I stoped smokeing wensday at 530 am .. I have a mouth swab test at 1:30 today I thought Listerine Altoids peroxide i am i have been drinking alot of water .. Will this help me pass ??:thanks:
  6. T

    Hey Everybody! Im a WeedTuber!

    I really hope you guys will enjoy my new project that i rly put alot of work and time and money in, so please check it out :Namaste:
  7. T

    Hey 420 friends

    Hi I'm tj1159 Pa I was trying to get some info on Pa. laws now. & I found this site glad I did. They are talking about medical marijuana on the news alot lately. I'm hoping it will happen soon, I use it for my pain. I have a disease that not to many people knows about CRPS Complex Regional...
  8. N

    Plant isn't producing a lot of buds

    Hello all first off im new to this all growing... the site etc I have done it for a few years with help but never all on my own like this year.. We have been growing the same strain of lemon g for years and have had little to no problem.our male to female ratio from seeds is phenomenal...
  9. P

    A few questions and a lot of blabber

    Hey guys, this is my first grow and I'd like to pick the brains of the more experienced growers for a moment... So, I germinated my seeds using the paper towel method inside a propagator. After the taproot appeared I stuck them inside some small root riot cubes and left them for about 5 days...
  10. F

    Wilting and curling

    Hey guys been reading alot of your posts getting alot of good info, so decided to jump in on this, having an issue with some of my new smaller leaves are wilting and curling the bigger guys arent having this issue. Any idea whats casueing this?? 9inchs tall and growing in soil i beilive a...
  11. Tris420

    Which nutrients should I buy?

    Hey guys ! Im thinking about buying new Nutrients for my next Grow ... Im using Plagron Lightmix Soil , Plagron Grow/Bloom Nutrients and Plagron Royale Sugar (this one only small test bottle but i like it ) ... So now Since i watched alot of Youtube Video Mr Tight etc. I saw that they use...