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  1. SofaKing Dope

    Hey everyone - I'm pretty new here

    Hello folks Ive been lurking around for a few weeks and i probly shoulda started here first. As usual im back asswards and already have a grow journal going. I can already tell the comunity is loaded with awsome people and extremely knowledgeable growers. Im fairly new to growing, but i...
  2. counting12345

    Dropping by

    dropping by to say hello. finally i'm in. read a couple of threads and im learning a lot already. i love to write and this place is gold. :thumb:
  3. Ron Strider

    Vancouver, The New Amsterdam? How The City Is Gearing Up To Legalize Cannabis

    Outside the Provincial Court of British Columbia (BC) in downtown Vancouver, a city regularly hailed as one of the best places to live in the world, there is a farmers market dedicated to marijuana — or "craft cannabis" as traders like to call it. Glass jars filled with the drug are lined up...
  4. Insanity566

    Help me with thrips!

    so just found out that i have thrips. any advice to take care of them. i have already started neem oil applications. did some defoliation as well.
  5. M

    Pistils browning too early?

    Hi all. My girl is in week 7 of flower. I'm guessing she's a 10 weeker (bagseed so no clue) Now her pistils are already turning brown. But her buds are no where near thick enough. Are we fucked?
  6. J

    Hi to all the 420 family

    Glad to be part of a great community, hope to help out where I can and also learn far more than I already no, 6 years experience till now and still learning. :thanks:
  7. T

    Sexbud harvest

    Hey guys, I just finished my 3rd grow, it's a sexbud. The picture shows the second, bigger plant, the other one is already dried and I smoked a few buds, they are really strong. 50g total.
  8. Brassico

    Best Light For 2x2 Area - Please Help!

    Best and cheapest led light for a 2x2 area i dont want it to blow up my house nor my eletric bill because i got hydroponic set and its already costing me alot i already have a 150 watt sun system hps light
  9. D

    Algae on table

    Just wondering if anybody has experience algae growing on the flood table and do you do anything to take care of it? Not asking just for myself I already taken precautions this time just want others to know what they can do.
  10. PabloE

    How long do dabs stay in your system? Please help!

    Hello, So I smoke dabs every weekend( just on the weekend though, not daily) , I've been doing it for months already, unfortunately for me the oil company I work for just got bought by a much bigger company. I am already hearing about the background and drug policy is coming soon but idk how...
  11. A

    Happy Frog or Ocean Forest and add HF nutes? Need to order ASAP!

    I was originally gonna buy both soils and do 50 50 mix (read good results doing that) but I can't afford it because the shipping cost more than the items. I already have a bag of HF nutrients so, what would be better and would it also be easier? I'm still very new to this. Thanks in advance.
  12. S

    How does my plant look? 10wks old already budding

    Any idea on Yield
  13. R

    New grower with issues already

    I am new to growing and have two plants at about 3 weeks now with very little growth. They have 2 sets of true leaves and thats it. I am using a seedling soil recommended for this and purchased my seeds online. I am using 2 each 25w CFL and are placed just a few inches from the tops. I water...
  14. K

    The Potalyzer, A Marijuana Detector And The Questions It Raises

    In America, marijuana is legal - at least in four states, while 16 more states have legalized at least some forms. But that's raising the question of how drivers should be tested for driving under the influence of marijuana. Universities and device manufacturers are scrambling to fill the void...
  15. G

    Hi everyone!

    Whats good!?!! Im greenmachinee and have started a new grow journal... you guys should check it out because its getting pretty lonely over here! Im already talking to myself... lol Check it out guys the link is down below!
  16. Buckshot

    Prince Ea - Slam to the administration

    WHY WEED SHOULD BE LEGAL ft Barack Obama - YouTube You know Hillary already has her trousers open :3:
  17. M

    Any advice?

    Just looking at what my options should be at this stage 24 days veg and topped once already and is this dang plant a female????
  18. L

    Hello 420

    It hasn't taken much lurking to develop an appreciation for the way you all treat each other here. The quality of your discussion really encouraged me to sign up. So, thanks already for bringing me up to speed on a few developments... and many more thanks in advance for the hours of enjoyment...
  19. B

    Setting up for first grow - Critiques and advice welcome

    Been lurking around for a while and doing a lot of reading and I got most of my stuff together. This is what I got so far. Equipment: 4x4 Apollo tent 600w light set (lumatek ballast, ipower hps bulb, cooltube wing) 6 x 24 Carbon filter (a bit over kill, but I want no smell in the house)...
  20. G

    Leaf problem - Yellow and brown spots - Need help

    I noticed that my leaves are turning yellow with brown spots. It already affected the top leaves and the bottom ones. I checked the stems and they are still green and flexible meaning they are not snapping off easily. The plant is already 3 months old with some pistils showing. I am a first...