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  1. Stunned

    Who's getting high for the Superbowl?

    And lets hear your predictions! I'm thinking Patriots in a blowout Eagles always choke when it really matters :19:
  2. M

    What's Up!

    What's up to all the growers!!! I'm new at growing and these forums have helped me out a lot recently and always seem to have the answer. Just wanted to introduce myself and say what's up.
  3. D

    Plant has a few deficiencies - Purple Haze Auto Day 49

    hi there my bootom leaves are all yellowing with green spots and dieing and also all my leaves at the top seem to have deficienys the leaves are all black/dark brown on the very tip and some rusty colour over some leaves I always adjust PH after i add nutes, i only use the...
  4. 28 Grams

    Do you prefer seeds or clones?

    Just curious. I'm on my first grow and I used clones..I think I will always go with clones for a few reasons: you get a head-start compared to seeds, you don't have to do the duty of germination, and of course you always know your plants are female (I know they have fem seeds though). I can...
  5. hedzenmedz

    Time for a new view of past roads

    Hello everybody - now that we have retired, we are taking opportunities to try new things. My wife has many health issues that have plagued her for many years. Now that marijuana is destined to become legal in Canada, we will be working towards her stopping the pain killing prescriptions that...
  6. GrowGrowGrow

    Miracle Grow vs Fox Farm? Added nutrients or no?

    Hey what's up guys. From my first grow 6 years ago until now, I have always used soil that is recommended for growing weed, and used nutrients, both organic and synth. I'm growing an outdoor plant this year alongside my wife's parents plant. They are way more of an old school hippy stoner...
  7. S

    Holy spider mites! I think

    Yikes..I chopped this a week ahead of schedule because of these mites again.. A diatomaceous earth bombing ensued... This is half of one of five main colas.. I always wondered how she gave me 5 on my fim
  8. LaidBackLeo87

    Determined to complete a grow

    ive been lurking on this site for many years and have always found really great information so i figured it was time to join. but the main reason being i am bound and determined to complete a grow, ive always started one and something would come up and i wasn't able to finish (so many beautiful...
  9. B

    What do you guys think is wrong?

    hey everyone. this is my first grow. im in week 7 from veg. heres the basics about my grow. I use the ff trio for nutes. i just started using cal mag since i use distilled water. the soil is an organic soil that i added sand and some stone to. My water is PHed at 6.3 and my ppm is around 760. I...
  10. 420

    Questions & Answers: Contests

    How Can I Be Sure The Contests Are Legitimate? The names of who voted for whom are visible to all. We have moved from a secret ballot to public display as an additional security measure. It is now obvious to members as well as staff if there is a concerted campaign from new accounts created...
  11. Viffer

    Greetings from an old grower

    :thumb:This year is my 50th growing outdoors, in such diverse places as Canada, Jamaica and Holland, my 27th year indoors, indoors soil and coco Currently growing in 1.2x1.2m sq tents, coco automated run to waste, 600W HPS vertical Current strains:- Original Arcata Trainwreck, Purple Bud...
  12. S

    Question about seeds

    Hello fellow growers! I have a question regarding seeds. Is there a seed company that sell consistent strong seeds? I don't have the space to set up a cloning area, just my grow tent. These past couple grows I've been ordering my seeds from a company from the west coast here in Canada and the...
  13. High Priest V

    Name change please

    Good day admins.. :) I just checked the members list and the username "High Priest" has been taken by a member who hasn't logged in since 2008. Is there a possibility for me to change to that username instead? :) Thank you for your help in this. Cheers and be at peace... Always :Namaste:
  14. S

    Hello from Australia

    Hi im a new grower, just getting into hydro. I was just wondering what is a good breed of seeds to start with. fairly user friendly. I'm just using coir at the moment. I'm still looking for a good quality smoke. I always wanted to try pineapple express. Any info will be much appreciated. Thanks...
  15. Y

    Lights 20 minutes longer on during veg - Best course of action now

    My timer confusing me had me switch up the programs of always on and on schedule - damn that thing, the other one I have makes sense with the symbols and is reverse. So the lights stayed on 20 minutes longer than usual - that's when I arrived and corrected from always on to on schedule again...
  16. BonzaSeedBank

    It's Thursday - So Put In Your Bonza Order Today To Get It Next Week!

    We are running some great specials along with freebies! Who doesn't like free seeds! We also ship discreetly worldwide. Are selections are always growing and we are always getting those hard to find strains. They go quick so make sure to check everyday! Cannabis Seeds from Bonza Seedbank
  17. O

    Calcium or Phosphorus?

    I have this issue always come up at the same time, in weeks 3-5 of bloom. I always thought it was a calcium deficiency. Can anyone confirm this? Im using AN pH perfect in dwc. Advanced Nutients say not to ad any other products with it so im not sure how i can add more calcium when it says not...
  18. Ripples

    Bluelab Combo Meter - Reviews?

    Interested in getting the combo meter. Anybody have one and what do you think? Using pens now but looking for more accuracy and better instrument. No major issues but always wondering if this would be better? Thanks in advance! Happy Growing! :thumb:
  19. Y

    4 x AK-48's In A 40x40 Powered By 3 Advanced XTE 200s

    I have 4 of AK-48s in 3 gallon fabric pots (straight ocean forest soil) growing in a 36"x36" scrog. They were vegged and bloomed for the first 25 days under 3 Mars II 400's (which I've had some great results with, but some of the diodes are blown, and judging from ICEMUD's journals I thought...
  20. W

    Sugar leaves always yellow and dry up - Why?

    Hi , Just wondering about this problem I always seem to have, sugar leaves always going crispy making buds not look so good,but the rest of the plant is fine, Particulars-- 1.2x2.4x 2.0 grow tent 2 x gavita 1000 pro dimmable lights 8inch extraction with 6inch intake on controller Temps...