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  1. S

    Sagalong With Amare SE250 LED & Gorrila Tent - Soil in Fiber Pots

    3x3 gorrila grow tent Amare SE250 led 5 gallon fiber pots Nectar of the Gods special juice: Medusa Magic, Gaia Mania, Zeus Juice, Herculean Harvest. Victor at Amare also recommended more mag/cal under there lights. I will add Demeter's Destiny. Rescued clones: 1 Afgoo, 2 Lemon Kush and 1...
  2. Growgurl

    Anyone in Australia using Amare LED's?

    Hi All, Just curious to know if any of my fellow Aussie growers are using any type of Amare LED's? SolarECLIPSE I am using 4 of the SE450 SolarECLIPSE (now called SE350) in my 9x9 tent and they are just awesome! Anyhow love to hear from anyone who is :thumb:
  3. Growgurl

    My First Amare SE450 LED Grow - AK47 Xtrm & Super Skunk

    Greetings from Australia! This is my first ever indoor grow using 2 x Amare SE450 LED's. (They have changed the name to SE350 now. Not sure why but still the same LED). SolarECLIPSE Victor from Amare has been amazing in getting me going with theses lights and is always on hand to offer advice...
  4. Teddy Edwards

    Does Mr Teddy Amore Amare?

    Amore Amare. There's their strapline right there. To think I used to get paid for that kind of genius. :ciao: Everyone. Amare Technologies, 420 Magazine sponsors, have most kindly given Mr Teddy a top of the range, SolarECLIPSEâ„¢ SE450+UVB. The deal is just a journal. Specifically...
  5. Richard Richardson

    Amare Tech SE250 LED - Koniaphostic Grow Journal & Review

    On May 18th, a package arrived, 4 Cree CXB 3070 COBs surrounded by a metal box and some 5 watt LEDs... I hung it as high as I could with the wires/carabiners that were enclosed. All photos are taken with "Automatic" camera settings from the start of this Amare journey. With all LEDs...
  6. A

    Amare Technologies: Questions, Answers & Results

    :welcome:Welcome to the White Light Revolution!:welcome: This thread is dedicated to growers who are interested in learning more about our mission to provide the cannabis cultivating community with the most efficient LED technology for your specific applications on the market today...
  7. R

    Please Join Us In Welcoming Our New Sponsor Amare Technologies

    Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor Amare Technologies to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world. 420 Magazine began life 23 years ago in an endeavor to end prohibition by creating a forum where appreciation and awareness of the Cannabis plant could flourish. We are...