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  1. cbgb


    what up 420 !!!!!! anyone here ever experience a batch of dud seeds ? if so , what do you think might be the cause ? some of the genealogy of seeds are amazing but are we cross breeding! too much ? seedling stunted growth w/ fem indica ~ LA KUSH x PURPLE PUNCH very , very new strain ...
  2. cbgb

    Schrom x NLH

    hey 420 peeps , hope all is good........ anyone ever worked with with the strain schrom " regular seed" this is a new strain i am working with and would welcome any comments , thoughts and wisdom on that grow .pics.... its and root structure is amazing ... had it in a 2 quart pot to start and...
  3. GreenProto

    Blue Dream - The Purple Queen harvest

    "The purple Queen" thing is a nick I gave to these two ladies. I couldn't find any other words to describe them. So... My first grow has come to an end. Growing your own medicine is an amazing experience. Enjoy! :thanks::Namaste:
  4. GreenProto

    GreenProto's Blue Dream First Grow Journal - 2016

    Hello dear 420 Community, This is my FIRST grow. And I hope people will be forgiving and helping. All help is very appreciated, since I have NO ONE to ask for help and guidance. From Canada. I've received a present from a very good friend - A full growing system with almost all equipment and...
  5. W

    Canadian growers alternative to Fox Farm products

    So since us canucks are unable to source this "amazing" soil is there a viable alternative in canada? :50::50:
  6. Mistercpp

    How to take trichome pics?

    What does everyone use to take those amazing closeup pictures of trichomes?
  7. Gandolf The Great

    A Great Deal From One Of Our Sponsors

    Soooo I decided to go through are sponsor list the other day and I saw this really really good deal. So I thought I would share it with all you lovely people who haven't seen it. :439: It is from 420 Packaging. You can find them on 420Mag's Sponsor Page at the very top. It is called New...
  8. BikerBear

    Firefly 2?

    Hi, Has anyone tried the NEW Firefly 2 vap'r??? Been reading up on it, and it sounds amazing!!! :cheer2:
  9. Stoney Roads

    Fastbuds Girl Scout Cookies

    Just want to show off these Amazing Girl Scout Cookies. From FastBuds. The smell so amazing and the trichome production is just superior
  10. K

    Hi! I am a new member!

    Hello friends :420: is a couple of months I do research on this forum to learn so many things about this amazing theme ... I'm happy to be with you see you soon regards :thanks:
  11. D

    How much yield/how do they look?

    Hey everyone! I started this grow back in April with two white widow plants from Nirvana. The plants since then have grow a lot clearly. Currently in their 4th week of flowering, Kristine and Krystal are looking glorious! Also in their 4th week of flowering, I have two Freebie seeds from...
  12. L

    Dead Head

    Here are some pics of the Dead Head strain I'm currently growing. I'll be posting more pics in the weeks to come :)
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