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amber trichomes

  1. G

    Ready To Harvest?

    Okay, so my plants I believe are ready to harvest? I got a closer look at the trichomes with a microscope. And two of my plants are getting amber, is it ready to harvest??? Also, 1.) Will the little baby buds at the bottom of the plant get bigger and grow more? Should I wait longer to harvest...
  2. Angel413

    Help! Weed plant trichomes turning amber and pistils are white I don’t know what to do

    Strain: jack herer
  3. L

    A Few Amber: Lights Out?

    OMG, how excited am I! Today is the 1st day of week 9 of flowering of my first grow. I have 3 plants of unknown strain, with one being totally different than the other two, which look the same to me. I checked my trichomes this morning and on the single one, an amber trichome here and there, and...
  4. B

    White Widow Flowering Times: Trichome Stages In Relation To Harvest Peak THC/CBD

    Hey Guys. First time ever in a forum not as a guest. guess i finally got over my paranoia of "big brother watching" haha. anyways im day 42 of flowering on my first white widow grow. unsure of genetics or seedbank origins as i purchased clones through a friend of a friend. anyways ive had a few...
  5. trichomes

    This plant went too long, too many amber trichomes for my liking

    Just FYI lesson learned! This plant went too long,it started new growth from ripe buds, I thought it would go longer but trichomes filled in with amber within a few days, lesson learned..... watch your trichomes closely! It will still be delicious couch bud!
  6. trichomes

    Please confirm my thinking on partial plant harvest!

    My fellow members help requested. This girl was started & kept under 24 hours of light. Then I put it outside in May. It should have finished, and it looked like it would finish, in early July. 3 weeks ago it sprouted new growth from all the top (almost ripe/done) buds/colas. Now all the top...
  7. trichomes

    Finally have pics of Amber Trichomes under cheap USB Microscope!

    AMBER Trichomes under cheap USB Microscope
  8. K

    When has flowering gone too long?

    I am almost at week 11 in the flowering cycle. To date there are plenty of glandular trichomes but none has turned amber. They are barely even cloudy. https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/mar15-1.jpg Growing hydroponic NFT system with 2-400 watt HID lights. Flowering with one MH...
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