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  1. Amber pistal

    Amber pistal

  2. Angel413

    Help! Weed plant trichomes turning amber and pistils are white I don’t know what to do

    Strain: jack herer
  3. EE17D66C-5B5D-4D81-B6FE-B3B35040F674.jpeg


    Durban Poison Bud, this plant was odd from beginning to end. I took down the top half and left the bottom to finish a little more.
  4. Dark cure

    Dark cure

    Long sweat
  5. M

    CKS Trainwreck Auto

    Has anyone grown the Crop King variety of their Trainwreck auto? Just curious if the trics matured like a photo, or if it was one of the autos that didn't develop amber trics.
  6. A

    Close to harvest?

    I've been growing this bag seed for awhile now. It's been in flower for 10 weeks now. I haven't seen much of a difference this past week and most if not all trichs are cloudy. I'm using a 600w led in DWC.. avg temps range from 67 to 73 from lights off to on. I have used plain water this past...
  7. K

    Harvest Time Question

    I am looking for help in predicting the future growth and harvest time for my plants. I am just finishing my 8th week of flowering. For the purpose of me counting weeks, I considered flipping to 12/12 transition 24/7 light and 36 hours dark at the end the first week rather than the first week...
  8. Botani

    Week 10 and only 1% amber

    strain - og kush i am at day 65 of flower since the lights went back 12/12. i just finished this exact plant in my last harvest so i know it well. i harvested it at day 69 last time and it was around 25-30% amber and 65-70% cloudy and it was showing 10-20% amber for the final 3 weeks. this...
  9. S

    Are they ready to harvest? First time grower

    Are plants are Sunset sherbert we are almost to the 8th week of flowering. flower period 7 to 9 weeks. Most all of the pistils are orange, the trichomes are milky with a few Amber. Damn I don't see how to add our pictures to the thread?
  10. B

    67 days White Widow auto

    Now 67 days into flower. Still lots of clear trichs. Some cloudy, no amber. Still being patient. ANY THOUGHTS?
  11. T

    Close up pics of trichomes - Should I start chopping?

    Day 56 since switching to 12/12. 4 different strains. Cookies Kush, Northern Lights x Big Bud, Hash Bomb, medi bomb. The pictures of the trichomes were taken today. There are a couple of bud shots from a few days ago. Do you think these are ready to come down? Any help greatly appreciated...
  12. M

    My first ever grow - How did I do?

    Taken a week too early, trichs are cloudy, I want a bit of amber really:
  13. Komplex180

    How much longer - Trichome pics

    Please take a look. I'm at week 9 in a 8-9week strain. From what Ive read I should have cloudy and at least a few amber trichomes. I'm seeing mostly clear and cloudy. No amber. So the question is, how many weeks should I expect to see some ambers popping out. Here are the pics...
  14. D

    Amber trichomes at 7 weeks?

    My blue dream is ready at 7 weeks. The hairs have all turned red and swelled, the trichomes are approximately 20% amber and the buds are beautiful I just never saw a blue dream finish so early. The seeds I used to grow it are my own . I made feminized seeds and was wondering if maybe that has...
  15. D

    Amber trichomes at 7 weeks

    For whatever reason I can't post pictures right now but anyway, I have several blue dream in soil under 400w hps. I've been doing this for about 10yrs but never saw amber at the 7 week mark. I'm not sure if it's really done or just messing with me lol. It still has quite a few white pistols on...
  16. Grebs

    Trichomes turning amber too soon?

    Hello all. Feb 11 will be 6 weeks since I started 12/12. In my sig is a link to my grow. The last page shows close up pics of my white widows. Anyways, I seen some amber trics or at least that's what it looks like to me. Crop kings site says it's an 8 week strain. I'm not even at 6 yet. I feel...
  17. R

    When to Harvest

    CBN: Stale THC Helps Patients Sleep | Whaxy I have been doing tons or research on when to harvest. From what I have gathered, low thc strains with high cbd strains are great if you let the THC degrade enough into CBN. It is better to grow a strain specific to your needs. For example, a...
  18. O

    When to flush in DWC

    Sup 420 Got a question that I'm sure that has been asked a lot, but I just have to ask again. I have 4 DWC bubble buckets with air stones. My question is should I wait until all trichcones are cloudy and some amber to start flushing or is it OK to start flushing while some are some are...
  19. I

    Trichome check - Sugar leaves or bud?

    I've finally gotten a loupe and snipped a sugar leaf from one of the top buds of my single Bianca. I see clear, cloudy and amber trichomes. It seems there are more amber ones on the part of the leaf closest to the bud. I'd say 30-40%. Alternatively, and only a 1/3" away there are more clear and...
  20. G

    Are these ladies ready for harvest?

    Plants will be used for medical purposes. I've been reading: trichomes 25% amber, pistils 75% amber, brown. When I look at my plants only a small amount of the pistils are brown, but most of the pistils are still white. But when I look at the trichomes, many have already turned amber. So I'm...
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