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  1. G

    Ambient temperature outside growtent

    I got a problem keeping temperatures down in my growtent. If I adjust my ambient lung room temp down to 17-18C, I get just below 27C at the canopy, all good. If I adjust my ambient lung room tempt to 20C so that I dont need to run an extra heater inside the tent on a timer during night, my...
  2. philthegeek

    Adventures in LED's - DIY tinkering fun

    Hi all. Sort of consolidating some info gathered over the last few weeks into this post in the hope its useful to someone. Have posted bits of this in other threads over the last few weeks but have now had a good play with some COB leds I bought for testing purposes. So, long...
  3. Iguana Man

    How critical is 100% total darkness during 12/12?

    I'm just curious to know if any and all ambient light has to be accounted for when switching to the flowering stage. Is 100% darkness absolutely required and if some minor ambient light does occur during the 12 off of the 12/12 cycle, what effects will it have?
  4. Jacobsenji

    Ambient light ?

    Re: Longtime outdoors - first time in - I need a lil know how I'm starting to realize this heat deal could be an issue in a couple of weeks. I have only been indoors since we moved here a month ago. I had to move into a real small area this morning and will be there until I have installed sky...