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  1. AscendedMasterKief

    Bag Seed - LED - Scrog

    Time for a new journal. :) This time around, I've started a bagseed again. For this round, I am planning to go with a single plant (maybe clones, too) in a 4-gallon pot, scrog'd out, to let the whole plant bask in the glory of Mars-Hydro LEDs. :) Now, if that single bagseedling turns out to...
  2. AscendedMasterKief

    Is Cannabis Intelligent?

    Pictures are of the transition zone between trunk and root, of a male Kerala x Skunk #1 plant, that was culled at approximately 4 weeks from seed. This part of plant anatomy has been studied in plants, along with studies in intelligence in plants, and the scientific results indicate that this...
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