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amnesia haze auto

  1. L

    Need help - 1st grow indoor Auto Amnesia Haze & Auto Jack Herer - 4x4

    *4x4 grow tent Secret JArdin Dr 120 *600w hps - dimmable ballast with euro reflector - Distance is 45 cm *inline customised 10" fan +A/C blowing directly at it *10" fan inside tent blowing directly at the bulb *4" exhaust fan with Carbon Filter - exhausting air all the way out of the growing...
  2. Cap3550

    Northern Lights & Amnesia Haze Auto Fem grow - When to harvest

    First time grower. 7 weeks into my grow on both Northern Lights and Amnesia Haze. All plants are 3.5'-4' and flowering nicely. The seed description say 8 weeks before harvest. Wondering what I should be looking for before I start cutting branches and drying out the buds. Any suggestions...
  3. J

    Amnesia Haze Auto - Indoor Hydro Grow

    My girls have arrived...
  4. M

    Max9750's Outdoor Amnesia Haze Grow

    Hi all. Was looking for something to do after work and kids are gone to bed so I thought I'd give growing a shot. I can't say thanks to everyone else that's been posting. There are a lot of great ideas on here and a lot of knowledgeable people that have a great deal more experience than I do...
  5. M

    MEKWT's First Grow - Amnesia Haze Auto - Northern Lights Auto - Skunk#1 & White Widow

    Strains: Amnesia Haze Auto, Northern Lights Auto, Skunk#1 & White Widow In Veg for 4 weeks: Skunk, WHite Widow & NL Auto In Flower for 2 weeks: Amnesia Haze Auto All Indoor, grown in Soil Pot Size is 5 Gallon 325w CFL Air cooled by fan Room Temp is 77f How often are you watering...
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