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amnesia haze grow journal

  1. daggamanSA

    First Time DWC Grower - Amnesia Haze - Durban Poison - Vanilla & Lemon Kush - 2016

    Hi Guys. Starting a new journal with a mixed variety. This is a DWC grow. Please feel free to follow, assist, recommend or even just chat if you want to. Would appreciate every last bit of input. Regarding the grow: 2x Amnesia Haze 2 x Durban Poison 2 x Vanilla Kush 2 x Lemon Kush...
  2. Blayzed

    Hey I'm New! I've got some new Grow Logs, and a couple Questions!

    Hey, whats up everyone! Here are my new Grow logs (First Time Grower) Retard Haze Grow 420 Magazine ® Amnesia Haze Grow Amnesia Haze Grow Log - First Grow (Tips!) Please leave comments, tips, or advise
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