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amnesia haze

  1. AmnesiaHazeBug.jpg


    Amnesia Haze
  2. 2019-01-22 23.08.48.png

    2019-01-22 23.08.48.png

    Amnesia Haze and predator fungus gnat
  3. Cheesesteak Enthusiast

    Cheesesteak's Soil Amnesia Haze Auto & Stardawg Grow Journal, 2018

    Hi! Figured I'd keep a journal here for all who are interested, as well as to gain some feedback on what I can improve, or any red flags that some see that I may not. It's my first grow, so, I am open to suggestions! I am growing: Amnesia Haze Auto (Sativa-dom) purchased from a seed bank, and a...
  4. Amnesia Haze.jpg

    Amnesia Haze.jpg

    Amnesia Haze - 13 weeks
  5. 20180622_231953.jpg


    Amnesia Haze
  6. 20180622_232041.jpg


    Amnesia Haze
  7. 20180622_232233.jpg


    Amnesia Haze
  8. Amnesia Haze

    Amnesia Haze

    Amnesia Haze
  9. Amnesia Haze & Afghan Kush x Skunk

    Amnesia Haze & Afghan Kush x Skunk

    Amnesia Haze & Afghan Kush x Skunk
  10. MackMcMacMac

    Mack's Perpetual Grow Journal

    I started a medical grow last week. Rather than create a new grow journal for each plant, I'm going to make this one a perpetual. :) Hello & welcome to all who happen to amble by. Feel free to offer suggestions & comments. I'm a newbie grower, learning as I go and could use all the help I can...
  11. cufix

    Amnesia Haze leaf problem

    Hi guys, I'm currently growing Amnesia Haze and they are in 7th week of flowering (day 43) out of aprox. 10 needed. A few days ago I have noticed the leafs appeard wierd. There is small nut burn all over the plant, nothing serious, but what is happening now is out of my knowledge. Could someone...
  12. J

    Autoflower BlowMind Amnesia/S.A.D Outdoor Buds

    :welcome: Hello everyone I just want to share my latest plant as my second real grow it was a nice experience and the plant was very nice orange and like smell so good. Well I hope every one likes it.
  13. N

    My First Grow

    I finally made the decision to try my first grow. I have been on several tutorial sites to get basic instructions. I ordered 3 different strains of feminised seeds from an online seed bank My seeds arrived about 4 weeks later. One of the strains was missing from the package, after a few emails...
  14. F

    Help With When To Harvest - Auto-Flower Plant

    Need some help here, I've read all the advice: but still not sure when to harvest... Please see the plant pictures below. This is an Auto-Flowering Amnesia Haze plant from a reputable seed bank, growing outdoors in the Carribean. It is now entering Week 9 and is 22.5" tall. They say...
  15. W

    Week 6 Amnesia Haze Flower - Young bud close ups

    Halfway through flower!
  16. W

    My first grow enters flower! Alive too! An early discussion of Grow #2

    Hello Everyone! So my 5 Amnesia Haze (Royal Queen Seeds) and 1 Blueberry Headband have, despite being cared for by a complete amateur, survived the vegetative phase. Here are my victims! (Day 12 Flower) As evident from the above images, my girls are out of space. The...
  17. Croatsan

    Is this root rot? Is this Amnesia Haze?

    Hi all. I was reluctant to open a new thread but I've posted this questions in my grow journal and haven't got any answers yet. Normally, I'd wait but the pressing issue of possible root rot can't wait. Hope someone experienced will help and identify the problem (if there is one). Yesterday I...
  18. Croatsan

    Croatsan's - DWC - Amnesia Haze - 2 x 400W - ScrOG - Journal - 2016

    Hello everyone. Hope you're all well. This is my second DWC grow (got busted on the first one ten days before harvest :). It took me nearly nine months to recover, regroup and start this grow and, since I've learned so much from this site, decided to share it with you. I have a feeling this is...
  19. Demon42069

    Demon42069 - First Grow - CKS Autos - Candy Cane - Amnesia Haze - Early Miss - 2016

    hey everyone, I know there are a lot of these but figured I would post my grow in case someone notices something I am doing wrong or could do better. this is my first grow ever so still learning but I think have got a good handle on it. since this is my first grow I decided to just grow a bunch...
  20. W

    Amnesia Haze EU

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