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  1. D

    Wanting to go LEDs need some help

    Hello all I have normally grown outdoors, but I am starting an indoor operation and I am leaning towards L.E.D lighting. So here are some of my details. I built a 8x8x8 room and i am only going to grow 2-4 plants maybe 4-5 ft tall (depends on how much i drop on lights initial may buy...
  2. W

    Long Time Lurker

    Had been following 420magazine for good amount of time.Finally registered today.:Namaste:
  3. Ron Strider

    PA: The Pros And Cons Of Marijuana Decriminalization

    Less than 10 miles cost Marlena McConnell a night in jail and possible extradition back to Pennsylvania from her home in Mobile, Alabama. McConnell, who was 22 at the time, was traveling south on Interstate 81 in Franklin County late one night in October when she pulled onto the shoulder of...
  4. C

    Trying to understand proper air intake and ventilation?

    Does the scrubber filter need to run continuous or intermittently? Fresh intake? Alternate? Amount of time for each? My first indoor grow and want it done right :) Thanks.
  5. steppedinds

    My Closet Ebb & Flow Diagram

    Thought I would post this for those that may find it useful. Hope it does. Used 3'x2' 21gallon mortar trays from Home Depot for fill trays, and just regular Rubbermaid tubs for reservoirs that I keep with 12.5gal of solution. This seems to be the right amount with only 50L of hydroton in each...
  6. F


    Recently put NL plants into 12/12 stage. observed the first week of stretch commonly occurring. Plants used up a large amount of nutrient fluids understandable. In second week stretch continues ,but use of nutrient fluid dropping by half amount of first week? About same amount of vegetation...
  7. K

    Hi - Pun intended - Fellow enthusiast

    I'm Koenig, My first question has to do with electicity cost. I have read many a post with people stating that this type of lighting cost less than that type of lighting, etc...etc...and have read plenty of post where people have provided formulas for the amount of lumens and/or watts used...
  8. K

    ON: Where Did All The Marijuana Brownies Go?

    If you visit one of Toronto's storefront marijuana dispensaries these days, chances are you'll see a sign reading "No edibles." Once common fare at unlicensed dispensaries — shops stocked a range of brownies, cookies, chocolate bars and even cannabis-infused sodas — the city has gone high and...
  9. K

    IL: Decriminalization Of Marijuana Offers Positive Outcome

    Last year, Governor Rauner was presented with the notion of decriminalizing marijuana for the state of Illinois. He opposed since the original presented amount of fifteen grams, which is the decriminalized amount in Chicago, was too high of an amount with too low of a fine. Currently, it has...
  10. O

    Will smoking a strain high in CBD lower the amount of THC in my body?

    Will smoking a strain high in CBD lower the amount of THC in my body?
  11. BonzaSeedBank

    Bonza Bonza Bonza - Free Free Free

    Get your free seeds when you order a certain amount! FREE cannabis seeds - See the latest Bonza Seedbank promotions here
  12. G

    Is Marijuana Good for Health?

    I have been hearing this from a lot of people that Marijuana has some good effects on health if taken in a right amount. Is it true? Please share your personal experiences.
  13. ptk2k

    Anybody use full suggested amount of nutrients?

    Hey all, on my 4th grow here with four autos in soil. I use the General Hydroponics flora trio. My question is- Does anybody, or has anybody fed their plants with the full recommended amount as directed on the bottle? I was always told to use 1/3 - 1/2 the recommended amount, and have gone by...
  14. D

    In trouble - Please help me

    I am on my second grow which makes me a newbie...I planted two bagseeds from different batches and now watch as they are flowering nicely. The problem that is bugging me is that one of the plants is forming "The Claw" but has no yellowish tint. The second plant is just about perfect. I use the...
  15. M

    Hydroguard amount?

    Hello, I am about to start my first hydroponics grow. DWC/Top fed. Anyway, as a preventive measure to root rot I decided to go get some Hydroguard. I know that most nutrient bottles are wrong for the amount you should add to cannabis plants. So I was wondering if I should follow the Hydroguard...
  16. F

    Yield amt?

    when european seed banks post the yield amount e.g. (yield: 500). what is the measurement?? i'm new to this...
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