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  1. Sycho (ams)

    Sycho (ams)

  2. B

    AMS Australia

    Hey everybody, Has anyone ever had any problems ordering seeds to Australia/QLD through AMS. Apparently shipping is domestic and majority of the 700+ reviews on their website says it only takes 3-4 days It's now day 8 for me and the postie has already been and gone for today. I emailed...
  3. S

    Girl Scout Cookies XTRM - GSC x White Widow - Anyone grown it? Need help

    pretty much i thought i was being scam when i brought 10 fems off ams but iv been told its ok an there safe. just wanna know if this strain is real or not girl scout cross widow and any info on ams ::::::amsterdammarijuanaseeds......com:420:
  4. M

    NYC Turbo Diesel

    I ordered this strain from ams and it actually arrived as well as the ak 47 extreme and 5 free carmeliciouse my question is has anyone grown these strains and how did they do. Ive been lurking this board for a while and really apreciate all the knowledge ive gleaned. Ive started the turbo...