1. Barney's Amsterdam Classics

    Barney's Amsterdam Classics

    Amsterdam Classics Collection
  2. Ron Strider

    Move Over, Amsterdam - Portland's A Better Weed City Now

    Since the early '80s, aspiring potheads around the world have considered Amsterdam the Mecca of stonerdom. It's an imperative pilgrimage for anyone who wants to experience the societal bliss of legal recreational drugs. So when I got the chance to travel there regularly as a touring musician in...
  3. Katelyn Baker

    Unity Cup In Amsterdam

    When: November 20 - 23, 8 AM - 5 PM Where: Lijnbaansgracht 234a Amsterdam, Holland 1017 PH Contact: The Amsterdam Unity Cup returns for 2016 over 4 days 20th - 23rd November. Night time events to take place in The Melkweg with an awards show on...
  4. C

    Marijuana booster

    Anyone try these from 420. Come in 3 bottles used in Amsterdam..
  5. N

    Hi, may I add a Dutch touch?

    Hi, a greet to all 420 fans here and everywhere else, from Haarlem, Hempcity. I am the owner of two coffeeshops there and the Secretary of our local union: Team Haarlems' Coffeeshopentrepreneurs.(THC) I will be the host on the upcoming 420 festival in Amsterdam next month, a novelty event...
  6. M

    Amsterdam 420 Smoke-Out Protest 2013

    Location: Amsterdam's City Hall. Date: April 20, 2013- Time: 16.20 ! THIS PROTEST IS FREE TO ATTEND ! Last year we organized the first Amsterdam 4:20 Smoke Out, meant to trigger the resistance against the Weedpass and other repressive government plans against the entire Dutch coffeeshop...
  7. The King 420


    Yeah so im going to amsterdam in july, its my first time. I just have a few questions. Prices ? Good coffee Shops ? Nightlife ? Places to Avoid ? Places to go ? Recommended Strains ? I would Appreciate any answers and advice! :) :tokin:
  8. M

    Introducing Canna-Activist from Haarlem Holland.

    High from Holland all ! I am Peter Lunk, a 37 year old cannabist from Haarlem Holland , welcome to my 'EduTainment' Weblog about Marijuana, Cannabis, Hemp, HERB ! I have been working in and around the Dutch Coffeeshops and local horeca (Culbs and Bars) of Haarlem for approx 21 years...

    New ban on tobacco in Dutch Coffeeshops

    As of July 1st, 2008, tobacco has been banned from all indoor public places in Holland, including Coffeeshops. The new smoking ban does not affect cannabis use. Mixing tobacco and cannabis in a rolled cigarette (European joint) is tecnically illegal, but still tolerated. Establishments with...

    Germination tests @ Green House Seed Co.

    These are few of the many germination tests we constantly implement at our R&D Laboratory in Amsterdam. :peace:

    Germinating A Tripod!

    This is one of the weirdest tripod-seeds I ever came across in the 15 years I spent growing cannabis. After many requests of UoS admin, I decided to start an experiment and see what comes out... :51: the strain is Arjan's Strawberry Haze. Here is the threesome before the starting...

    Franco from Green House Seed Co.

    After years spent surfing the pages of this great forum, in an attempt to keep up with the trends and facts of your side of the Atlantic, here I am joining the conversation. For those who never heard of Green house and Franco, have a look at Green House Seed Co. I hope to learn and teach a...
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