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    i am first time grower,please help me,my plant turned yelow,and what should i do?
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    Hi everyone

    Wife and I are recently retired. Heading to Colorado to relax and enjoy the shopping. We won't be skying. Just looking for a little privacy, views,and plenty of goodies. We have a 4 lb maltese too. Thanks for any ideas!
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    what do growers find is the cheapest way to obtain the right water for growing,and does anyone use tap water or rain water ?
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    Has anyone tried a product called Kelpman fertilizer,and is it good product?
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    Im just wondering what is the earliest time to top a plant,,and how every1 does it,,any special way to do this
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    Chronic PTSD - Level Black

    I served " God n Country during the 70's , Army, 11 Bravo, .50 Cal Gunner, my local V.A. Hospital has me taking four different PTSD Meds to keep me in the Safezone, and out of the Hurtlocker ! Majority of Vietnam Veterans my age will tell you, this heavy dose of Meds, only make Us each and all...
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