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    FL: Pasco County Commission Hears From Pro-Pot Crowd

    New Port Richey, Fla. - With Florida voters set to decide in November if medical marijuana will be allowed in the sunshine state, local leaders are figuring out how they will deal with the issue. Pasco County native Garyn Angel owns one of the world's top companies connected to marijuana...
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    Dark Angel flowering question

    I having dark angel seedlings growing inside at an 18/6 hour cfl light cycle. I plan to transplant them outside 1st June in eastern Canada, will I need a 12/12 natural light cycle to start flowering?
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    BlueRussian - CKS Dark Angel Strain - Indoor - Grow Tent

    BlueRussian - CKS Dark Angel strain (Indoor Grow Tent) Hello and welcome fellow growers, So before I start, I'll apologize in advance for the rather lengthy intro, but I felt I should put it all out there instead of updating later on. Either way I hope you enjoy the process as much as I...
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    First Grow Dark Angel Hydro Gang

    Did not train plant, started with 5 only ended up with one. Crop was 23gs. Great smoke, used fiji water to flush, could really feel the 50-50 split of indica and sativa. Equipment: Light timer Mini Fan Aqua culture bubbler x2 2x4ft bin 300w LED Hydro set Flora series Dark Angel...