1. scissor trigger happy

    scissor trigger happy

    she's been flushing, for... 10 days... jesus, help me... i want to go a full 21!
  2. C

    C-PTSD anger

    i spent so many years on psych drugs for anger anxiety etc. due to my severe c-ptsd. but i've always had a severe anger problem even before this, so when the ptsd hit, the anger issue became out of control , i woke up pissed and went to bed pissed and was pissed all day...i've always smoked but...
  3. V

    Need some advice regarding Medical Marijuana

    I need some help. I have a whole crap load of health issues: Bipolar2, PTSD, general anxiety disorder, diabetes, cornery artery diease, chronic back pain (sciatica) and possibly chronic regional pain syndrome (from the heart attack I had, in my thigh) etc... Anyhow, when I get hypo, I tend to...
  4. B

    Is Medical Marijuana Right For Me (and maybe you)?

    This week I decided to look into medical marijuana as a replacement for several medications that I'm currently taking and as a possible therapy for leveling out my mood swings from depression to manic happiness to rage. I would like to use this forum to track everything related to the journey...
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