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  1. GrizzWald

    Reliable CBD test for home use

    Just come across this on another forum.. not sure if it works but be good for some if it does.. By thecleangame DIY 8 Minute Home CBD Indicator Test! (Clear and Accurate Results!) thecleangame (58) in cbd - 3 days ago Simple, Reliable, and Quick! This test uses materials you can usually...
  2. Sloppy

    Yet another - Is this ready to harvest - question

    Hi All, My first plant looks almost ready to cultivate but I'm uncertain if these trichomes are telling me something else. What I see are mostly cloudy heads with almost no ambers. To me this indicates that we're on the "front of the harvest period". Should I wait another week or...
  3. Ron Strider

    New Zealand: Kapi-Mana Police Call For Owners Of Half a Kilo Of Cannabis

    It's a lost and found story worthy of Cheech and Chong after dopey dope fiends let their stash find its way to police. Wellington District Police posted a picture of the half-kilo of primo buds in a tongue-in-cheek appeal to its owners on its Facebook page on Sunday night replete with the...
  4. bebecillo

    Trichomes ready right? Help with flushing too

    Ok, so the auto seed I bought said it would be ready in 53 days but I always guesstimated timing would be under ideal conditions, yet I came home on day 54 and the trichomes seem ready. I have two problems now: 1.- Are they ready? I was expecting another month of growth, therefore achieving...
  5. Ron Strider

    PA: Opposition Causes Medical Marijuana Dispensary In East Mt. Airy To Relocate

    Political and community opposition to a proposed medical marijuana dispensary planned for Northwest Philadelphia has forced its owners to look for another location. TerraVida Holistic Center, which has two additional dispensaries planned for Sellersville and Abington, had been granted a...
  6. T

    Help with black dots

    Hi, first of all, Im not sure if this goes here, but Im worried cause I never ha this issue before, I use organic nutes with 2 watering a week, one with And another without nutes, but from one day to another happened what you can see in the photos, I searched but didnt find any similar to this...
  7. Jackalope

    Exodus Cheese

    I grew the Greenhouse E Cheese and was very happy with it. I know they didn't do the work but this is a killer strain. Not sure if it is the strongest but it is one of the happiest weeds I have smoked. Had to go through another 45 min MRI. The first 2 I was working and couldn't smoke pot...
  8. Pyr0

    Hopping bug - Should I be worried?

    Hi all, So I've got a few of these things on my plants, outdoors in a small plastic greenhouse. If I try to catch them, they hop to another leaf, and make a click sound. Will they damage my girls or will they eat my pests. cheers Pyr0
  9. B

    Just need a little advice

    Tent help Is that to big for a 400 Watt set up or should I get another one to go with it
  10. K

    Trying to decide if it's time

    Afternoon all, I need an opinion or two, here are a couple of pics of my white widow plants, I need to know if I am in the harvest window or should I wait another week or two. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. H

    Planted My Beans In The Wrong Sign OF The Moon (Waning)

    I knew I was doing it at the time. Ten Beans... A couple of odd things happened. Six of the ten broke ground in five days in the solo cups. Normal..... Planted in the middle of the cup. I'm careful. ....One of these came up on the edge of the cup 2 inches away, that's strange but it looks...
  12. 4

    Another Male Or Female Post

    I'm pretty certain this is male. Just looking for another opinion, because the plant definitely has pistils in other places.
  13. L

    Outdoor 2017

    Here we go another season So I have my first clone it's Stacey's Dream. It was locally crossed and no one can find the guy that did it. Hence no one knows the genetics. I just know that the buds are huge and dense when grown indoors. We will see what the sun does then. I have some...
  14. M

    Gorilla Seed Bank Is Awesome

    Cash payment success number 3 out of 3! Takes about a week to get there, and about another week to 10 days to get your seeds. LOVE THEM!!!!
  15. O

    Your opinion - Is this ready to flush?

    First crop and want to harvest at prime time....thinking flush and wait another week...your thoughts??ok dont see option to add picture....hmmmm
  16. O

    Smallest light for moms

    I just acquired another tent(2x4x5) and my current tent is a 2x2x5 with a Mars2 400. I am thinking about turning my small tent into a mom tent, moving my 400 to my new tent with another 400. So that would be 2x400 in the 2x4 tent and ???? For the small 2x2 mom tent. Recommendations please!!! OG79
  17. T


    Hi im from Canuckland . Im here mostly for research on different strains for medical purposes .Especially for Cancer patience and Back pain , pain in general , anxiety . Been growing 20 + years organic . DWC hydro is another project of mine . On a side note , anyone have problems with...
  18. B

    Do I need to fix anything?

    Hey guys, So I missplaced my thread the first time I made it (i put it in FAQ) and because of that i'm not receiving many replies. Bubba Kush - First Time Grow There it is. I'll be posting another update soon If you guys know how i can move that thread to this forum that would be great...
  19. T

    Recipes for Cannabis - Any suggestions?

    Recipes for Cannabis, any suggestions? Pretty straightforward topic. I was reading in another thread although I imagine the individual that posted is long gone about "Cannabutter" and another person talking about making fillets and things of that nature. I was just curious if you guys had any...
  20. A

    New farmer in the house

    Hi guys, i like this forum. Just another Hps grower joining.... :Namaste: