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  1. Ron Strider

    New Zealand: Jacinda Ardern Succinct And Stubborn On Medicinal Cannabis Use

    Labor leader Jacinda Ardern has very firmly locked in her position on medicinal use of cannabis, a succinct answer in a debate strongly paralleled by National leader Bill English. In the TVNZ leaders debate, both were asked to answer in 30 seconds whether they would legalize cannabis for...
  2. A


    Hi , guys am Amanda , am a regular user for medical purpose . Not the talkative type . Just dont know what i can write here about me , but if need necessary , i can answer questions about myself . Hope to learn from you guys and share my own experiences . :)
  3. I

    Light schedule advice needed

    i grew autos in the past but now changing to regs,my question is when plants are in seedling stage do i go 18/6 or do i go 24/0,if the answer is 24/0 when should i change to 18/6 ? also im using cfl lighting
  4. K

    Blaine Attorney - Why You Don't Have To Answer About Marijuana Use At Border

    Blaine, Wash. — A Blaine immigration attorney has a message for Canadians who may be asked about their marijuana smoking history at the border, "I would tell people, unless you've been convicted or arrested or have marijuana on you, I don't think it's a question you need to answer. You're...
  5. G

    Cannabis Oil

    hi my name is bigred and i have a question for 420 magazine is cannabis oil legal here in west virginia and if so how can i purchase some through the mail could someone answer this questio for me i seriously like to smoke some cann:420:abis oil if that is possible
  6. F

    RO Water & Epsom Salts

    Hey guys Sorry I know there is a ton of info on this already but I have a question that I just can't seem to find an exact answer too. Ive been using RO water for a while now and I have a few questions about Calmag and epsom salts. My first question, which I think i know the answer too...
  7. luciferP

    Please help me determine the sex, I think it is male. Thank you everyone

    Has 56 days from the seeds grow into 12/12 has been six days, and now there are many former flower appears. I looked at the feel is male, please help me determine the next sex, thank you answer, your answer is very helpful for me. The following pictures are a plant
  8. T

    Need to know if I will pass a drug test...?

    Hi there! I am a very Infrequent smoker, the last time I smoked was probably March 7th, around there. I don't smoke often because my lungs are really damaged from pneumonia I had years back. I do however hang out with people who smoke regularly, but I don't touch the stuff. Anyway, like I...
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