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  1. S

    Cutting clones after flowering

    Thanks for any answers
  2. Oldbear

    The ABCs Of CBD - A Place For Questions Answers & Hopefully Fun

    Is it true? The Study Hall has Breakout Groups :cheer2: Like many Ive been doing a lot of research on CBD and what it can be used for. Also where to get it, how much to take, and how to mix with thc are common search points. Its been difficult to keep track of the information. Harder...
  3. R

    New Member - New Grow

    I am a first time grower who will have a lot of questions lol. I am glad to find a place for answers.
  4. M

    Hello experienced and stealth growers - Your answers are needed

    I am currently living in an apartment and my room has a bathroom with only access to me. Bathroom has a ventilation in the shape of a square. However i feel like half up sucks in air out of bathroom. And the bottom half of the square pushes air inside the bathroom. Is this how they all work or...
  5. L

    Most efficient veg time or size before flip?

    Have mode a voting poll, lets get voting! I am trying to find out when its best to flip to 12/12 on photos. I have done a search and found many different answers which is confusing. Some of the answers I found are: It is best to veg for 4 weeks It is best to veg for 6 weeks It is best...