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  1. C

    LST Autoflowers

    Good idea to LST autoflowers? I keep reading mixed reports about it, anybody done it and had success or anybody done it and its not worked out? What's people's opinions on this?
  2. M

    Seed order warning

    sorry but dinafem strains are too bad. and i am still waiting my order over 38days. anybody knows where are strains good and which site is trustable
  3. C

    Anybody use PhonicTrap ducting

    Hello everyone was wondering if anybody here uses 'Phonic Trap ' ducting ? It looks really good so i bought some but have yet to fit it. I was getting fed up with the noise of air blowing so thought this should help. If anyone has any experience please share.
  4. A

    New grower

    Can anybody help ?
  5. M

    Did anybody try lighting both sides of plant and top?

    my friend told that he do lighting plant's left and right side 600w and to top too. its kinda lst i think because plant get vertical and horizonal light. no scorg no lst . anybody tried it?
  6. S

    4 Fingered Leaf & 6 Fingered Leaf

    There is a couple 4 fingered leafsAnd there is 2, 6 fingered leafs it strange can anybody please help me explain
  7. N

    Skyloud OG

    I got a good deal on an 1/8 of Skyloud OG from a local dispensary. Anybody know anything about this strain?
  8. C


    has anybody used wilt pruf on cuttings
  9. H

    Has anybody grown these strains?

    I ordered some beans from TSSC and I was wanting to know has anybody grew them. Blue cheese- Barney seeds Magnum- Buddha seed Nightqueen- Dutch passion -----Freebies----- Both from blimburn seeds CR+ Auto cream I'd like to take the autos indoor and the photoperiods outdoor is...
  10. Eugene1

    Has anybody grown Purple Destroyer?

    I received 4 purple destroyer seeds as a freebie and growing one along side with three White Widows. I cannot find any description of the strain anywhere. Has anybody grown it, and if so, could you give any info on it? Thanks!
  11. Ripples

    Marshydro Reflector96 LED?

    Amazon has them on sale... 2 for 390$... Was thinking of trying for one of my veg tents... 4x4x7 was going to put both units in this tent and use for veg only... Anybody have this set up? I have 2 other tents set-up for my flower so again this is strictly for veg...
  12. facemir

    What's wrong with my plants?

    I have a yellow "fleck" on all my leaves can anybody advise what is possibly causing it.