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  1. F

    Crop King White Widow

    I'm currently growing 10 crop king white widow in 11 liter pots and am in week five day 3 from the switch to 12-12 most of the girls are doing well but two are a bit stunted for some reason. Is there anything I could do to catch up .l was also wondering when I can expect them to start smelling...
  2. C

    Is anything wrong - What do you suggest?

    hey guys I have a question about my set up. I am growing in a 31x31x71 tent using a 600w MH with 600w ballast with settings of 250w, 400w, 600w, super Lumen. Im wondering if my space is too small for my light. As of now ballast is set to 600w. Should I change anything, move plants further away...
  3. 4

    Please help - 10 days to harvest

    I have 10 days until my harvest. All if a sudden. Mites are everywhere. My leaves are dying. I need a solution please. Anything I can do this close to harvest to rid myself of these pests?
  4. MadHatterJack

    Any idea what causes this discoloration?

    I have never feed them anything more than some root enhancer as I have transplanted them into new soil almost two weeks ago. So do for a feeding but this is happening to all my plants and I am careful not to get them wet or anything. I checked for bugs with a magnifying glass and nothing to be...
  5. W

    1st Time Grower

    1st time growing any kind if plant. Started August 28th 2017 Strain- Skywalker OG Kush At the moment it's growing in a Rubbermaid Container. I do have a grow tent setup that i havint set up Yet. Hoping to have it up in a week or 2. Lights- 2- 150watt cfls from the sides 1-...
  6. C

    Am I doing anything wrong so far?

    My first plant. Anything I can do to improve her?
  7. A

    Thoughts on EZ CO2

    Anything helps
  8. MikkaTheEnt

    Moving a grow thread from active to finished

    Hi. Do I need to worry about switching an in progress grow journal to finished? I looked but don't see a way to actually do that. I have a few that are finished and am starting some new ones. Do I need to do anything or does the board software just eventually move those old journals to finished?
  9. T

    Is It Male?

    My three plants have been on the 12/12 light schedule for maybe two weeks. Today when I checked them I saw this. Is this a male? The other two don't have anything resembling this or pre flowers yet, but they're a different strain.
  10. G

    Spotty yellowing older leaves

    Hi.. Hoping someone can help me out here... Look like anything easily recognisable?... because I havent really been able to identify anything very similar googling around the net... Greenhouse, winter in Australia. Coco, BioVega/Flores... about 4 weeks into flowering.. going to have no shade...
  11. A

    New to growing and would like some opinions on what I'm buying

    So I was going to purchase some things to start growing. I'm think at max 3 plants right now. with a $400 budget. Recommend anything that you think would be better or anything that i'm missing because i'm a dunce. TopoLite 24"x24"x48" 48"x48"x78" 96"x48"x78" 120"x120"x78" Indoor Grow Tent Room...
  12. N

    Ready for harvest? First time grower .

    Don't want to screw anything up this late in the game. :thanks:
  13. B

    Have a got a hermie

    But out of no where a single pollen sack has grown?! Is there anything i can do? I'll update with an image later today.
  14. D

    In need of help

    Hello I'm having a problem while doing indoor growing. I myself am growing for the 2nd time, but on the first time I literally didn't have to do anything and didn't get any problems. Okay so, I'm growing in a wardrobe, with follium on seperate walls. Soil is just regular ground from the yard...
  15. R

    Cannabis seed laws?

    I have been trying to find out laws regarding seed distribution in California to dispenceries and other business and also sell online but can't seem to find anything. Any help from someone would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
  16. K

    Anything you want at the Hydro Store!

    IMAGINE FOR A SECOND, YOU CAN HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT IN THE HYDRO-STORE. WHAT WOULD YOU GRAB? I had a dream that I took a trip to my local-hydro store. I walk through the doors and inhale that good-ole hydro store smell. The smell of dirt mixed with the fumes of cardboard and...
  17. Grebs

    Got an email from Crop King Seeds

    James from crop king seeds wants me and other to test there new site. Crop king know anything about this or is this some sort of scam?
  18. F

    Total Newbie here - Ordered Green Crack and Dark Angel. Basic advice?

    Howdy all, I have never grown anything. Or used anything for that matter. So I am completely in the dark here. I was planning on growing outside, but an option is a shed or a walled off part of a garage. Can you take a moment and just give me some basic advice getting started? Should I...
  19. S

    Name This Pest?

    Guys I need some info on this pest, I've looked around and didn't find anything quite like it. Any help is appreciated thanks!
  20. Skullman420

    Unknown strain - What's up with this ghostly grey plant

    A 420 friend sent me this photo of a grey/green pale plant. I have never seen anything like this. The plant seems to be fine, only the colors are completely weird. Anyone in here seen anything like this?
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