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  1. A

    Hi from Australia

    Hi all, just joined up I'm current;y growing my first indoor plants but have been growing outside for years, I smoke for med and rec, anyway just thought I'd introduce myself I'll put up sum pics of my plants sumwhere
  2. Gardenseed

    What's the most you would pay for seeds?

    Face it, seeds are expensive. but what are they really worth? I just got 5 OG KushxHaze for 65$ What the hell??!! Anyway I think were getting ripped off. Honest opinion, what are seeds realy worth?
  3. K

    Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookie Auto

    I will put up all the info up if she lives. Too many hours at work and she was in the paper towel a day too long When I took her out to transplant this is what I got. I planted her anyway and propped her up and praying for the canna gods to be kind as I really want to try this strain! Day 1 O
  4. C

    Monkey Flask - Monkey Whizz

    Eeee....lil nervous. :yikes: I've passed with this before but it's just a different place now, and more of in a lab-setting. It has the uric acid and whatnot in it as described on the website. The test is the "eCup"...company that makes the test is called eScreen/eScreen123. This will work...
  5. yoda toke

    New Patient in Michigan

    Former stoner from Battle Creek Michigan now living in the Ann Arbor area (Ypsi Twp). Gave up toking back in 1984 but am now using medicinally. It was a very strange experience going into the dispensary the first time. Anyway, I love to garden and will be adding a new bed to the garden this...
  6. TheFertilizer

    How to save these clones?

    So a while back, like probably more than 4 weeks ago now, I took some cuts and put them in a clone dome and kept them way too wet. Mold started growing on the side of the rockwool cubes, you know those little ones with the silver foil around them. Anyway, a few of them were rooted so I just...
  7. BradSFV

    Greetings from Los Angeles!

    First, I apologize for my ignorance. I'm new to 420 magazine tonight and don't usually sign up for message boards but I'm really impressed with the knowledge and respect shown around here. especially with those who are new. This is my first post, so it's kind of an intro so bear with me. I...