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apprentice seeks master

  1. MrMango

    First Grow - Indoor Soil LED Bagseed - Purple Kush Or Purple Haze

    Greetings All! Im MrMango from the UK, this is my first attempt at a grow in over a decade and would love some help and input from the vastly experienced community here!:cheer2: Setup: Black Orchid 80x80x160 Mars 300w Reflector 48 Digital timer 16/8 Digital temp/humidity meter Manrose Mf100t...
  2. MrMango

    MrMango saying hello!

    Hi all at 420 mag! Im MrMango from the UK. Been reading the forums avidly over the last few months as I've prepped for my first grow since a half-hearted attempt a decade ago! I smoke to treat my depression and anxiety due to side affects of medication I was previously prescribed. Having got a...