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  1. R

    Indoor 200w LED/400w HPS ORGANIC

    Hi guys! I'm new on this magazine and I want to introduce to you my firist indoor grow :420: .Now let without much story move to thing. Strain: 1xSuperSkunk Fenimised(White Label) BOX: 40x90x200cm Light: Vegetation:136w LED 6500K (Approximately 10k-12k lumens) Flowering:400w HPS 2000K...
  2. Emilya

    Do Electrified Plants Grow Faster? Let's Find Out!

    Yep, you read that right... There has been some talk about whether or not, applying a charge to the soil will make a difference in the grow. Some have made claims of accelerated growth and even a driving away of all bugs. We are going to attempt to find out. First, I selected two identical...
  3. 4

    Are they female? Please help

    Its my first time growing ever. I've been using 12/12 light cycle for 1 week . Though I can't decide their sex. If they'r female then can you give me any estimate how much weed approximately i'll have. I use 2x100w 6400k + 1x80w 2700k CFLs for 2 plants...