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  1. flytier

    Flytier's Quasi-Aquaponic Salmon-Based Organic Autoflowering Perpetual SPoG® SoG

    Hey Everybody, and thanks for tuning in. I've bumped up my production a bit today. I'm sizing down my pots to grow more plants more frequently. I got my hands on some smaller buckets today to grow them in. A friend of mine grew a Northern Lights SoG in buckets that were just barely bigger then...
  2. U

    Mike's Organic Garden

    Hi guys starting a new grow, 8 ACEs Golden Tiger & 4 Jackass(hashplant*jackherer). 3ª attempt at new place, (2 first in hydro = disaster). problem is warm climate all year around, hope organic grow be better, now at 30ºC. 400w led light, 8 * cxb3590 (waiting 320w to 720w) turned on at night...
  3. dumme

    Dumme's Aquaponic Aeroponic-Soil Adventure

    The name's Aquaponic Dumme, and Aquaponics is the game. Here's My garden:
  4. dumme

    Aeroponic aquaponic worm beds

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