1. Ron Strider

    CA: Arcata Tweaks Laws For New Cannabis Era

    The City Council last week introduced a pair of companion ordinances that bring Arcata into conformance with state cannabis law. According to a staff report, the ordinances, nos. 1496 and 1497, tweak the Land Use Code and Arcata Municipal Code in various ways. No. 1496 standardizes use of...
  2. Ron Strider

    CA: Arcata Ball Park Cannabis Celebration Raises A Few Eyebrows

    The City of Arcata will review a permit request asking that the city allow "Yes We Cann," a cannabis-themed event, to parade through the streets and gather in the Arcata Ball Park Saturday, Aug. 12. During the July 19 Arcata City Council meeting, city staff identified three key legal areas...
  3. E

    420 festival-arcata, ca

    so last year was rainy but we all still made it happen. we need more people from everywhere to spred the world of ganj and happiness. where: hsu redwoods national park what: tokin drum circles, happiness and fun! when: 4-20-2011 who: you why: education and happiness will be permitted...
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