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  1. B

    Arduino Climate Control

    I'm working on an attic grow and it is off to a rough start. Temperatures ranged from 30's to 80's in the last month. The plants are still alive but not doing too well. My goal is to have 2 climate controlled tents in the attic, one for flower and one for veg with each tent holding 3...
  2. Teleon

    Weatherstation 2.0

    Hey :welcome: I started a grow and was tinkering around to get a good weatherstation with some data logging features - everything what u could buy is way to expensive, so I decided to make my own one ;) It sends every 30s temperature, humidity and creates a UNIX timestamp while receiving...
  3. odam2k

    Arduinos In The Grow Room: My Project

    Hi there, I'm about a month into my project, and decided it's time to not only share it, but document it as well. Hopefully posting here will accomplish both :) I will keep this first post short, and come back often updating the thread, which should be quite often as I have nothing much else to...
  4. JustMeds

    JustMeds R & D

    Hi all, This journal will be for the experiments myself and anyone else who wishes to share theirs here. I experimented in the past to build the Quad12 RDWC system and the fog cloner. I will be showing the good the bad and the ugly of things done to our plants. A couple things I will be...
  5. B

    First grow ever - Help me have some fun with your XP!

    Hello everyone, I'm about to start my first grow ever, but everything here is expensive, from common materials to LEDs and the energy bill. So. I want to make things cheap, automated and as reliable as possible with the least amount of money. My ideas so far (some questions in between): 1 - I...
  6. R

    Growduino - Environment control system - Arduino based

    Hi2All, I'm newbie here but will try to do my best. Sorry for my english, I'm not english-born... Some year or two ago I've decided to build a machine for remote and automated growroom control. Just for allowing me to go on vacation :-) Was going to search all over the internet and found...
  7. Skutch

    Hi from the Netherlands

    I'm new to this forum, but not new to :yummy: I've been growing for a while now, both in- as out- doors. My fingers aren't as green as I wanted, but I can handle a solder-iron quite well. I love designing building and programming electronics and although my own shadow still will be the best...
  8. OG13

    Arduino based room controller

    OK, I've had several requests on doing an arduino based room controller. I have been playing around for a few months now and have been bench testing one for a while. This tutorial will try to show you how I went about getting it all working. My controller is setup to monitor and log five...
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