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  1. K

    Regular household LED bulbs or CFL for small veg area?

    I'm thinking of finally building a small veg area (up to 4 small plants). Has anyone had any luck with regular LED bulbs and if so what color temps? The other two possibilities I'm thinking of are CFL or maybe a t5 florescent fixture. Thanks!
  2. onewarmguy

    To chop or not to chop - A question for my brother budders

    Well my brother budders, the time has come for the ultimate question... To chop or not to chop? and I'm asking for you opinion. I've flushed twice over the last two weeks and my trich's are about 80% cloudy with a few random ambers and I prefer a bit more head than body stone to keep my energy...
  3. Ron Strider

    Uganda: Police Burns Marijuana Worth Sh50M

    Police has destroyed more than 1,000 plants of marijuana on 3 hectares of land in Myene sub-county, Oyam district. Hundreds of marijuana gardens have been destroyed in the area, according to sources. Myene sub-county LC3 chairman Patrick Olobo, said tracking down the farmers was difficult...
  4. Ron Strider

    CA: SLO County Residents Weigh In On Coming Cannabis Regs

    After a three-and-a-half hour hearing Tuesday on cannabis regulations, San Luis Obispo county officials voted to continue the conversation to Oct. 17. Dozens of county residents attended the meeting to provide input on the regulations now before the board of supervisors. Wayne Moody is a...
  5. nobodyhere

    Question on light bleed from veg area to flower tent - Need input please

    I might be overthinking this. I want to set up a simple small veg area in the walk in closet where my tent is. It will consist of a 2x2 hydro tub with a few plants/clones sitting under one or two 65w CFLs. I have a tent in the closet. Currently running 18/6 with autos so this is not an...
  6. Brassico

    Best Light For 2x2 Area: Please Help!

    Best and cheapest led light for a 2x2 area i dont want it to blow up my house nor my eletric bill because i got hydroponic set and its already costing me alot i already have a 150 watt sun system hps light
  7. J

    Should I keep my gals in the same spot?

    Hey....i was just wondering if it will hurt my gals at all if i put them back in different spots after moving them from the grow area. Im currently 5 days into flowering and im using CFL thats why im asking this, some plants may not get the same light exposure in different spots im guessing...
  8. A

    Can anyone explain this?

    Hello, This is my first post on the forum, so pardon any mistakes that I might make with regards to relevance or if the question has been asked before by somebody else. I planted a Blue mammoth auto strain in a small pot, indoors under artificial light, which was transferred to a big pot...
  9. BraicaBrick

    Outdoor/Greenhouse Strains For New England Area

    As more people decide to exercise their right to grow around the New England area, they might need some help figuring out what strains have what it takes to bond with the outdoor elements. Top Strains for the Northeast?
  10. C

    Please help - I'm due to admit defeat

    Hi guys just going to jup straight to the issue , ive recently built a grow box ( 1.2mx1.2mx1.8m) its nothing huge but should be plenty if area for my own personal. So it was built using double sheeted 12mm ply walls/roof/floor+ door with 50mm poly insulation between the sheets. Its very sturdy...
  11. F

    Back In Action

    Hello 420 mag!! Dayum it feels good to be back on the scene after a brief hiatus. Many new upgrades and better area to conduct my experiments ;). Im putting the last finishing touches on my area and will be posting pictures shortly...pardon if they are crooked i cant remember which way to hold...
  12. G

    Looking for help on first COB build

    I wanna build a DIY light for a veg setup but I'm lost in a sea of information and the more I think about this, the less I seem to understand so I'm hoping you guys can help me out. A little rundown of my plan: -I'm getting ready to set up a brand new grow area for veg. -I currently flower...
  13. S

    Would love some input to new grow area

    Hey guy I've read n read this pages for month and it's a bloody ripper. . Have learnt to much and I really enjoy the grow journals can't wait to do my own. I've always dabbled with outdoor grows but am looking at setting up a new indoor tent grow. Not to interested in brands as I get people...
  14. F

    Old fart first time grower - Outdoor grow - Yay Prop 64!

    Hi, y'all, I'm in information-gathering mode. I'm in the Bay Area, home of a LOT of growers, some of you are here and anyone who will allow me to pick your brains is a kind and wonderful person. I've got a fair amount of info from out of here, already. I've learned about the milk and water...
  15. F

    Climate and strains

    going to grow white widow clones in the mid west, outdoors. is this a good strain for this area. and what are some better ones.want early finish, and mold resistance.
  16. C

    Heat problem - I think I have a solution but need input! Please advise

    Hello :welcome: I have a "friend" who has a grow tent that needs cooling down. It is a Secret Jardin L120. This tent has 2 sections; 1 veg and 1 flower. This is not ideal - but being a first set up, it was not realized until too late so that's what we deal with. Set up: 1x Secret Jardin...
  17. D

    Plants per surface

    Sorry to ask a very common question I have a 50cm x 110cm area (20in x 43in) with no vertical limitations This will be the actual available space for the plants, including any frame/structure I'm planning to grow hydroponics How many plants should I put in there and is there any...
  18. P

    Need help with drying

    Currently drying greencrack and rogue thunder in a drying room/ box I built in an old gutted camper, Itsc my first time drying where I have control over humidity fans, and can add heat but no ac, so my drying area is 2 ft wide 5 ft tall and 5 ft long, I have 4 ropes runs across and an 7 inch...
  19. raziel819

    FastBud's Auto GSC & Heavyweight Strawberry Cake - Photos - Hempy Style - 2016

    MEDIUM • Happy Frog potting soil, w/mycorrhizae and humic acid • Coco Pearl cyco premium (70% coco and 30% perlite) • Perlite • Hydroton grow stones GROWING STYLE • Hempybuquet - 16oz Solo cups for germination and young seedlings 5gal buckets for vegetation and bloom In the...
  20. S

    Will this work?

    For my indoor medical grow....I use a potting soil mixed with EWC, cocnut coir from local trees, and pumice stones. I have an endless supply of coconut water and can get molasses. I am in central America, water jungle area with no easy access to amazon shipping or many things common in...
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