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  1. F

    Hey I need help

    I'm a newbie at this it's my first time growing a plant and the nugs aren't that big were did I go wrong
  2. Ripe1

    New to here and to LEDs

    Hey Gals and Guys! What a great community! I have spent the last 2 weeks reading as many of your posts in my spare time and what great info! I did a greenhouse grow last summer and learned a lot. I wish I had stumbled on here first. It was too hot, I relied on a friend for clones that didn't get...
  3. R

    10" Rhizocore Netpots

    Are these 10" netpots too big to only grow 1 plant per 5 gallon bucket (DWC)? Also if said pots aren't too big, will a 1.5" rockwool cube be big enough? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. M

    My First Time: AK47 & Gold Bar Kush

    I've never grown before and the only thing I've smoked is tobacco. Lets change that. First one ready for liftoff. Aren't they cute when they're little? And here we are today.
  5. I

    Crop King Seeds cover-up!

    i did get the non-ccaf seeds. they arent feminized cc, and they arent a new seed they havnt put out yet. they are a big mistake that they arent releasing info about and i dont think they even know. they changed their website a couple days ago too. the comments on their strains now shows post...
  6. The Germinator

    Should I dilute?

    So today I put the flora trio nutes into My two five gal buckets. I mis calculated putting the recommended in. I meant to go half. The roots arent out of the basket yet. My ppm is 400... too high? Ty.
  7. F

    Help me

    It's about 2 inches tall and the leaves on top aren't spreading... And it is all WHITE!!!
  8. H

    Aussie smoker second time grower

    Hello 420 world from Australia They aren't shrimp they are prawn's we call ourselves Aussie 's but dont say it like the rest of the world we pronounce it like this OZZY Kangaroo's aren't absolutely everywhere they pests though. I for instance live in a smallish town in the country and have...
  9. N

    Upload pictures issue

    Tried uploading pics as I normally do, it goes through the steps as if it uploads but when I go to my uploads they aren't there. Just wanted to share the issue.
  10. neon green

    4x4 tent lighting

    After an exhaustive web search, not much information on my particular situation. I'm running a 4x4 with a 600w. I'm upgrading this week. Question is, 1 1000w, 2 600s, or 1 1000 and a 600. Temps aren't a problem. Lady's are about 2ft tall in coco and 3.5 gal pots. Keep in mind we aren't growing...
  11. Elzee

    Questions about Orchids

    Ok so i have herd Orchids are hard to grow any truth to this? I've grown cannabis(of course), Lillys, bleeding hearts, and all kinds of veggies. if they aren't to hard to tame what are some suggestions for starter Orchids? Do they come in seeds, Bulbs, or roots? If they aren't to hard i'd love...
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