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  1. PaintMeGreen

    PaintMeGreen's GrennHouse Moby Dick Fem - LED - Soil - First Grow

    Hello, 420, my name is "PaintMeGreen", I'm from Argentina, and I want to give a huge shout out to everyone in the community, I've been browsing the forums for a while and finally decided to jump right into the fray, sign up, and start my first grow & journal! Just posted my introduction on...
  2. F

    Fede's CBD Auto Cheese - Containers - Soil - Outdoor

    Hello everyone, Here's my attempt at a thorough grow journal for my 3 CBD Auto Cheese babies from Crop King Seeds in Vancouver I am raising them in 20 gallon plastic containers with a mix of soil (from cow pasture)/sand/vermiculite/sphagnum The have at the present a pair of cotyledons, first...
  3. F

    Fede's Auto Fem White Widows - Containers - Soil - Outdoor

    Hello everyone! Here's my first attempt at a Grow Journal. It will devoted to 2 Auto Fem White Widow seedlings from seeds purchased from Crop King Seeds in Vancouver. 100% germination. Radicules appeared within 12 hours of (glass water + paper towel method), and grew to over half inch...
  4. L

    Buds From The End Of The World: Argentina

    Hi growers from all around the world! Im from Argentina, im a new member, just a couple of days ago I suscribed this forum, and I have to say is amazing!, nice pics, nice mates, nice journals (we call the journals "seguimientos" in Argentina and Latin America in general). So Im here to invite...
  5. L

    Saludos! New member from Argentina!

    Hi guys!, how its going? From today Ill be posting photos or asking for advice in case I need it. I dont feel very confortable with my english level, but I can handle it to comunicate or understand! Im from Argentina, I live in the North, we are in Summer here, and its extremely hot, nearly and...