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arjans strawberry haze

  1. HappyBudda

    1st Grow LED 600

    Hey Fam I have some Photos for you guys of Franco‘s Lemon Cheese and Arjan‘s Srawberry Haze. Both from the Greenhouse Seeds Company. 11 Weeks old grown in Soil with Hesi Boost Nutes. For flower and veg. The trichomes are 90% cloudy already on both plants but not a single amber Trichome so...
  2. HappyBudda

    1st Grow LED 600

    Hey Fam, here are some Photos of Franco's Lemon Cheese and Arjan's Strawberry Haze. I topped the Lemon Cheese, and left the Strawberry as she is. Started Flushing two weeks ago. Some Hairs are still white, but the trichomes are 90 % cloudy already ... Question: I don't know if I should wait...
  3. S

    LST query - first grow

    I have Barneys Honey B and Arjans Strawberry Haze growing in soil, in a tent, under 600w HPS. After a few problems with temp control, (too low, too high), things seem to have settled down now, and I'm approaching 7 weeks in veg from seed. Theyr'e in 4 gallon (US) pots. Started to LST them two...
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