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  1. Ron Strider

    CA: Bought By A Marijuana Company, Small California Town On Way To Becoming Pot Mecca

    A cannabis company's audacious plan to turn this remote settlement into a marijuana mecca is taking shape. New signs mark the town's borders on the one road in. Fresh gravel lies in the parking lot outside the tiny store. And workers are installing a small pond, the first of many envisioned...
  2. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Activists Plan Eclipse Service In DC Basilica To Bring Peace

    A group that believes cannabis has a secret historical role in Christianity is forging ahead with plans to visit the largest Roman Catholic church in the nation during next week's solar eclipse, where members intend to light incense doused with cannabis-infused olive oil. Yet church leaders say...
  3. Ron Strider

    Activists Plan Pot-Burning Ceremony Inside D.C. Basilica During Eclipse

    A group that believes there is an ancient and little-known connection between Christianity and cannabis plans to burn oil full of psychoactive cannabinoids inside the nation's largest Roman Catholic church during the solar eclipse on August 21. Anne Armstrong, a longtime cannabis activist and...
  4. K

    OR: Entrepreneur Finds Niche In Marijuana Processing

    Jai Armstrong, a 2009 graduate of Ashland High School, has come up with what he says is a million dollar idea, one that makes marijuana harvest a lot easier and more dependable and one that appears to be on track for hiring scores of local young people. It's called "Trimcamp," after the camps...
  5. K

    CA: Ouroboros Farms To Lead Classes On Aquaponic Cannabis

    During the California Gold Rush, hundreds of thousands of hopeful miners flocked to Northern California, but it was merchants who amassed some of the greatest fortunes in that era by selling dry goods and supplies to the prospectors. Today, few if any of the original 49ers' names are remembered...
  6. K

    Leaders Of Healing Church Filed Federal Lawsuit Days Before Their Arrest On Marijuana

    West Greenwich, R.I. - Two people arrested Tuesday on marijuana charges are leaders of the Healing Church, which says it uses marijuana and its derivatives in religious rituals. Anne Armstrong, 56, and Alan Gordon, 46, both of 99 Hudson Pond Rd., had filed a federal lawsuit Friday seeking to...