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    Wiring advice - 4 Drivers - 2 Potentiometers - 2 Drok DC meters

    Hey guys, Im going to be attempting to put my meters into my build today, and im hoping anyone has any wiring diagrams or some help to get me through this. I have 2 drivers per array connected to 1 x 50k pot so i can dim them simultaniously. Now my Drok Meters have arrived and im a little...
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    Looking for quality PAR meter - Features for testing bought COB Array

    Hello Everyone, I recently had a situation with the company who built my Vero29 12 Cob Array -- It's a one person business and I am not going to say his name yet to see if he is going to be an adult and respond to my emails. I finally received my array in but knowing now how much this guy...
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    Custom COB - Help with array build - Drilling - Cutting - Material

    Hello Everyone, I am able to order the parts and they are pretty much plug and play for the Vero29 V7 which is what I am going to be using. I am looking to build a 4 cob single array with 5000K LED in it. I am looking for help in regards to: - Where do you get material for building...