1. M

    Need help switching my 4x4x6 tent to LED asap

    4x4x6 tent (1000wHPS originally) 9 plants in 3gal geos. I need to know what LED light to buy to give the babies what they need! They need it ASAP! Any help is much appreciated!
  2. CheWu


    Hey guys i need a quick response on my issue if anyone's around, i have to make a decision asap! here's the link: Plant in distress - Need help please scroll to the bottom of the second page..
  3. J

    Quick Question w/ Pics Please Help!

    Okay this is about 12 days from germination. And i just transplanted it into this 5 gal hempy bucket the other day you can see the leaves yellowing i think its either a mg or nitrogen def. what do you think?? and how should i handle it?? i havent watered since I transplanted two days ago...
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