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  1. 6

    Hi! I'm 6pac

    Hi! I am going to be growing weed soon and I joined this forum so that I could learn. I have a lot of questions to ask the weed growing veterans of the community. I will be growing Blueberry Kush or OG Kush in a hot tropical country.
  2. F

    Feeling like a dummy

    With plant needs my needs and other needs I need to ask if there is a site that I can ask a direct question without pissing everyone off for not looking. This is a great ste but navigation for me is hard. Thanks for your patience
  3. T

    First grow

    Hi there I'm Alessio from Italy, this is the first time I grow and I wanted to ask a couple of things about my baby. Cheers
  4. B

    What distance from the lights does my seedlings need

    i have 1 week old sprouted seedlings temperature is 28 , humidity is 65% and theres a fan blowing on my 300w CFL light Just wanted to ask if everything looks ok and if lights are too close to my seedlings - my seedlings
  5. S

    Medical Marijuana patient - Growing as a tenant

    Do you think a medical patient should ask his landlord if he can grow weed on the property? The lease only says "no illegal activity" which technically could be illegal under federal law. Could he evict without warning? I am a loyal tenant who pays on time and takes care of the place for over 5...
  6. T

    Humidity in bloom

    hi guys my plant is starting week 7th since he came out from the coco, and he is blooming 2 weeks ago...its a auto flower i wona ask u guys when i should get the humidity to 30-35%? for now i am still keep the humidity around 50-60%....
  7. Emilya

    What would you ask Jeff Mizanskey if you could interview him?

    Today I met Jeff Mizanskey, the Missouri man who was sentenced to life for Marijuana and recently pardoned. Jeff is traveling all over Missouri collecting signatures for the medical cannabis initiative, which needs 160,000 signatures to get it on November's ballot. As of today, Jeff reports...
  8. S

    Growing with CFLs faqs - Need advice

    Started growing using CFLs. I have 4 100watt replacement CFLs in a tinfoil lined box with some regular store bought soil. I know I need more and what not but I'm having trouble finding the right questions. I know CFLs are pretty easy on the electric Bill but other than that Idk too much. Looking...