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    250W MH & HPS First Time Hydro DWC: Unknown Strains

    Hey guys that would be my first post ever in a forum, though that is my second grow. Last time I got 3\3 females bag seeds when originally planned on just having 1. got 250w sunmaster dual in coco, almost killed them, tried almsot every technique possible, including horrible defoliation...
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    Wanting to start with hydro - So I need some pointers/beginner advice - Atami Wilma?

    I am growing organic in soil for some time, semi-outside in a greenhouse on the balcony under LEDs. Ever since I am growing in soil I feel that I run into all sorts of issues, like water ph, soil ph, possibly overwatering and then nute deficiencies because of chocked roots etc... along with...
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    Best booster/additive atami , bloombastic

    i've just invested in some atami bloombastic. its a booster that's used from week 5 of flower. ot supposed to be the dogs bollox. has any1 used this product let me know how you got on with it . thnx in advance
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