1. Ron Strider

    OH: Marijuana Depenalization Passes In Athens

    Under a new Athens ordinance, those convicted of misdemeanor marijuana offenses will pay no fines. The Athens Cannabis Ordinance passed by 77 percent with 2,000 votes. It aims to decrease the incentive for Athens police officers to enforce marijuana laws by removing the fines and court costs...
  2. gaNORML

    Georgia NORML at UGA presents Proposition 42

    On December 2nd, 2008, Georgia NORML at UGA presented Proposition 42 for the first time to City Hall. This marks the first day of the next phase. Watch it here: YouTube - City Hall Meeting #01 - Proposition 42 - Marijuana Law Reform in Georgia Later, -John:yummy:
  3. gaNORML

    Atlanta and Athens have NOT been forgotten!

    My name is John Hill. In January 2008, I headed the formation of Georgia's only NORML chapter as a student group at UGA. Located in Athens, GA, we are continually gathering signatures on Proposition 42 to decriminalize 7grams for personal possession. If 18 or older, you would face a $100...