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  1. D

    Tangerine Dream Auto grow week 3 and not growing! Newbie here!

    Hello All! This is my first grow so please be gentle!! I have a tangerine dream auto from growers choice seeds. They are in week three and they are very small.......I think. I have also attached everything I am using for this grow. I am using mother earth Coco the link for it can be found here...
  2. T

    Yet Another Noobie Saying Hello

    Hi there All, I've been lurking around here for a few months and have liked the style of the place and the expertise, so I thought I'd better register and attempt to join in. I'm on my second grow only, indoors in a smallish tent with hydroponics and LED. I have to be away from the grow...
  3. Bigjake8


    I'm loving this site learned so much last few days and hope I can help others in the future I'm a part time smoker job related but my wife is a regular and I'm at my first real attempt at growing been about 20 years since last attempt that didn't turn out in a closet thanks to everyone on here...
  4. AusyBattler

    Just like to say high - Hi

    G'day all, long time fan of the leaf. I have been doing a lot of research and this forum comes up alot, so I joined in the hope I might show my attempt at a grow, find some solutions to some issues I am having. Got to get my head out of guerrilla grow mode and into indoor mode, hopefully you can...
  5. WeSmokeRaw420

    My 1st attempt at DWC

    thankyou for allowing me into this awsome community. I have been reading alot about dwc and through..why not give it a go! I have a 300w mars hydro light ontop on a 5 inch dwc...2 fans circling the air and a small humidifier all together around a home made tent and so far so good she (Purple...
  6. Hippie66

    Hippie 66 First Indoor Attempt

    Hey all, I finally have everything together and am going to try an indoor grow.
  7. LadyGaea

    Should I attempt to SCROG on my first grow?

    I am getting ready for my first grow. Should I attempt to SCROG or should I get one or more grows under my belt first? I have a 2 x 4 tent with 2 G8LED 240 watt lights.
  8. livetoskate81

    First attempt at LST training! Did I start too late?

    Any insight on LST training going into flower ? Open to suggestions
  9. P

    Thc Bomb

    Pictures on my profile let me know what u think please?
  10. M

    Mistaneedweeds 1st Auto Attempt

    hey. il be growing out 5 northern lights and 1 royal dwarf from royalqueenseeds.com in 18L wilma pot. They are now on the 12th from seed. The extra 2 i have are unknowns and these are photoperiod. i take it. these are experimental in this grow 1 has been topped and the others is in a make shift...
  11. I

    Islandfarmer's First Ever Grow - 4x4 - Soil - 1300W LED

    Hello all, After reading, learning, obsessing, obsessing, and then reading some more I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. This is my first attempt ever at MJ but I have had vegetable gardens and bonsais foe many years.
  12. S

    White Siberian & Industrial Plant - First scrog attempt

    hi guys this is my dirst scrog attempt and i want to know if everything is going well.. my plants are in soil, the screen is 2mx1m under 2x600w hps. My plants are about 26 days in flowering. Do they looks good? Thank you in advance
  13. D

    Dirt's Attempt To Flux Mighty Grape

    Hello everyone and welcome to my attempt at fluxing. Strain - Fos Mighty Grape Genetics - Dynamite x Grapefruit Indica or sativa - 100% Indica Veg - 12 days old Soil - my recycled reamended mix Lighting - veg tent 2x 250w CFL flower tent 400whps Container size - currently in a 1 gal...
  14. S

    First Attempt Outdoor in Pots - Advice Welcome!

    Hello, This is my first attempt growing after many, many years of smoking. Strain - Sensi Skunk Medium - Potting mix/Store bought fertilizer/Perlite/Vermiculite (42.5%/42.5%/7.5%/7.5%) Current Issues - Too windy, sometimes too wet, sometimes frost (hopefully all fixed with a small greenhouse)...
  15. R

    Raymonts DWC & LED 4 Buddah Tahoe OG

    Well I planted a mother and she grew a bit, I took some cuttings and sure enough the light schedule outside caused them to bloom. So I put them in a DIY DWC that I made from a 27 gallon heavy duty tote from Lowes. Blasted them with 700 watts from a mars II. 30 days in and almost done revegging...
  16. D

    NL Auto In Dirt With CFL

    Hi again 420 mag community! This marks attempt #2; my first attempt linked in sig. So as promised at the end of that journal I'm moving out of the place that caused the heartache to somewhere more friendly toward my activities. My major issue being that I'm impatient and popped a bean in...
  17. D

    NewB here

    Hi all, grew outside for many years now trying indoors 1st attempt going well.
  18. I

    Advice on growing

    Whats up . my names Michael and im obviously new to this site. I started a grow about a year or two ago and failed somewhat miserably. Ive been wanting to try again but i feel i should get some input on actual experienced growers before i make another attempt. if anyones willing to help me out...
  19. R

    2nd Auto Grow Following 1st Grow Failure - CFL & Soil Grow

    So my 1st grow was a complete flop, had some problems from early on that took a long time to figure out and try put right, by the time I did it wa too late, my girls had hit flower and were just so tiny, the biggest leaf no bigger than about an inch on each of them!! I think the majority of my...
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