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    First time grow I need advice

    I am finally a homeowner! What better way to celebrate than with my first grow! It's going to be in my attic I live in a ranch home. So minimal space. I ordered 3 auto flowering seeds of New York diesel, 1 seed of Critical diesel , 1 Og Kush seed and they threw in 2 more auto flowering. I'm...
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    Prep & Build Journal for Attic Indoor Grow - Using 400W HPS & Soil Medium

    Hello future friends and collaborators! I've become familiar with seeking needed information here, and excited to share my journey as I attempt my first indoor grow! Here are a few pics of the raw space I am dedicating for this adventure: Plan to have an enclosed structure...
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    Space up there

    long time smoker first time grower...I carved out a small 5x10 area in my attic using some panda paper to place my hydro system in. I had an electricain install six outlets 2 240v (lights n ballast) and 4 120v (fans, ac and etc). I also ran a water line and placed a float valve in my rez which...
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