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  1. Mvpdank

    Completed Mvpdank OG Kush Auto, Coco, Sensi Coco Grow

    Ok starting this journal for myself to receive advice and anyone else who wishes to learn from my mistakes. Plant: OG KUSH X2 AUTOFLOWER Medium:CANNA COCO PROFESSIONAL PLUS Nutrients:ADVANCED NUTRIENTS SENSI COCO GROW A+B PH PERFECT Additives:GREAT WHITE,CANNA RHIZOTONIC,AN RHINO SKIN...
  2. G

    Aussie Newbie's Outdoor Growth

    Hi, I am about to plant again using unknown seeds that have been collected over many years.. After trying indoor in pots then having 2 seeds sneaky planted in my near abandoned vegetable garden.. I have asked a billion questions compared research and advice.. I managed to harvest a fruity...
  3. T

    Abandoned Malawi Grown Down Under!

    Hello all :) I've decided to start a journal to document this special grow of mine. Yesterday I dropped 5 seeds of the Malawi seeds i recieved from a friend of a friend, I have been told these genetics are one of the best malawi seeds going around so i'm really keen to try these out and...
  4. Sir Budlovski

    Completed BF & GF First Outdoor Grow - Bag Seed - 23 Ounces - Pounder - Aussie Aussie Aussie

    hello again everyone this is only really half a journal because its already finished im just gunna upload some pics to share some of the joy i've had in my small amount of time growing. As the title says my gf and i bothed raised this one up and was both our first outdoor goes. i Cant say the...
  5. Sir Budlovski

    Just chillin

    sup everybody, been using this site abit throughout the years for ideas and advice, decided to make an account, cant say where im from probably not a great idea, but im an on off harvest time toker but mainly love the mj for private growing and research. 1st indoor yeilded bout 2-3 ounces...
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