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  1. Slammy Pajama

    420 Magazine's Official Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow By Slammy Pajama

    :cheer: AND SO IT BEGINS!! :cheer: Ol' Slammy Pajammy was quite thrilled to see a little FedEx package awaiting our arrival home today!! The fantastic folks down at @Weed Seeds Express did everything in their power to make sure these seeds made it down to me here in Australia, even through...
  2. A

    Prices For Weed?

    How much do people buy weed for here in Australia? I'm from Sydney and don't want to get ripped off. Thanks
  3. S

    Australia seed

    Hi has anyone from Perth Western Australia bought seed online before and receive them without any problems with customs I’m in Perth Western Australia
  4. hydro91

    Hydro91's Organic Seedsman Grow Journal 2019: Under Construction

    By popular request I've decided to get the thread underway in preparation for when my equipment arrives. Please be patient as I will frequently update the thread as more items arrive. What strains are they? ~Indica~ -Granddaddy Purple (Grandaddy Purp) -Northern Lights (Pyramid Seeds) ~Sativa~...
  5. BoomTune

    How to buy parts for and put together a $6,000 High-pressure Aeroponics System that doesn't clog

    After about a year of trial and error (And spending a small fortune), it looks like its finally going to work. A High-pressure Areoponic system that won't clog in the Australian Outback climate. However, the Water pump and Solenoid valve still need their own sound-proof boxes. Something which...
  6. snezola

    Snezola’s Aussie Autumn Outdoor Auto 2018 - Green Crack - Gorilla Glue - Chem Bubbly

    Snezola’s Aussie Autumn outdoor auto 2018 (3 different strains) Sour bubbly (or chem bubbly, the site is giving me mixed signals) by a NSW breeder Indica/sativa/ruderalis (doesn’t specify percentages) Start to finish: 9wks Reckons you can get up to 90g yield p/plant outdoor but we’ll see...
  7. Ron Strider

    Australia: Queensland Entrepreneurs Sowing The Seeds For The Newest Superfood

    Despite hemp only recently being legalized for human consumption in Australia, it is already being promoted as the newest superfood to hit the local markets. Hemp — a variety of the cannabis sativa plant species — has been grown in Australia for two decades as an industrial product, but last...
  8. E

    Mono Silicic Acid - Power Si or Super Si

    Hey guys, what's up? I am thinking about hitting up my next run with a new product, either Power Si or Super Si. I've noticed alot of growers on instagram blowing up Power Si, seems to be the new thing people are adding out there. I've done some research and its seems to be an available form...
  9. Ron Strider

    Partners in Huge Cannabis Therapy Operation Planned For Australia Apply For Licenses

    Two companies that plan a huge cannabis-growing and research facility in Australia have applied for licenses to run the operations, whose products could benefit multiple sclerosis patients. MYM Nutraceuticals and PUF Ventures Australia asked the Australian Office of Drug Control for both...
  10. D


    Hi first time outdoor grow in WA Australia.
  11. Ron Strider

    Australia: Hemp Is The Newest Superfood And It's Coming To A Café Near You

    Cereal sprinkled with hemp seeds, hemp ice cream, hemp as a pizza topping and even hemp beer – this will all be possible from Sunday, as legal changes come into effect in Australia and New Zealand. Back in April, food regulation ministers agreed to a proposal from Food Standards Australia...
  12. Ron Strider

    PUF Building 1 Million-Square-Foot Cannabis Facility In Australia

    Canada-based PUF Ventures Inc. will build a 1 million-square-foot greenhouse operation, with large scale manufacturing, processing and office facilities for the cultivation, production and manufacture of medical cannabis and associated products in Australia. The project is the result of a...
  13. Ron Strider

    Australia: Hemp Food Sales Get Green Light From Regulator - Now It's Up To Government

    Hemp seed has again been recommended for sale as food in Australia and New Zealand — with farmers confident government will allow it for human consumption by the end of next month. A decision by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand on Friday to permit the sale of low-and-no-THC hemp seed...
  14. B

    AMS Australia

    Hey everybody, Has anyone ever had any problems ordering seeds to Australia/QLD through AMS. Apparently shipping is domestic and majority of the 700+ reviews on their website says it only takes 3-4 days It's now day 8 for me and the postie has already been and gone for today. I emailed...
  15. Ron Strider

    New Zealand: Is Hemp Going To Be The New Super Food

    Over the years super foods have come in and out of fashion, but now one expert is suggesting hemp might be a wonder food of the future. New Zealand chef, Cameron Sims, 24, is running a pop-up restaurant called Plant Culture to educate people on the benefit of hemp, which he says tastes like...
  16. Ron Strider

    Markets, Seeds & Processing Plants Needed For Hemp Industry To Take Off In Australia

    With hemp seeds approved for human consumption, and medicinal cannabis trials taking place around Australia and the world, there is a lot of talk about the potential for a major new industry in Australia. West Australian grower Colin Steddy, director of the Hemp Corporation, has just returned...
  17. Mars Hydro

    Mars Hydro Grow Tent - Australia - 20% Off For 3 Items

    Mars-hydro give 20% off discount for Grow tent for the following itemAustralia wareshouse only,quantity is limited) Mars Hydro grow tent 100X100X180cm 1680D (Australia) 18pcs stock ,original price: $121.99USD,now only $97.99USD Mars Hydro grow tent 120X120X200cm 1680D (Australia) 15pcs...
  18. Ron Strider

    Was Cannabis The Real Reason Britain Colonized Australia?

    The first shipment of medicinal cannabis arrived in Perth yesterday, but weed's history in Australia stemmed from the arrival of the First Fleet. At Joseph Bank's request, hemp boarded the first Fleet as cargo 'for commerce'. His hope was to produce hemp commercially for the new colony...
  19. Ron Strider

    Australia Just Received Its First Import Of Legal Cannabis

    The first two commercial batches of medicinal cannabis in Australia have arrived in Perth and Melbourne. Both shipments originate from Canada and are to be held by Health House International in Western Australia and Pharmaceutical Packaging Professionals in Victoria, according to federal health...
  20. Ron Strider

    Australian Company Hemp Foods On Hiring Spree

    With the recent legalization of hemp as a food in Australia, the Southern Hemisphere’s largest hemp foods manufacturer, Hemp Foods Australia plans to expand its operations and is seeking experienced hemp professionals to help it do so. Because of Manitoba’s outstanding international hemp...
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