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    Tonks' First Grow - Auto White Widow - Big Bud - & AK47 In Coco HPS

    Intro This is my first grow and I could not be more excited. I'm not a patient shiela, so this will definitely be a test of adulting. But it will be totally worth it to get some quality bud instead of manky bushweed! My other half Lupin shall be appearing throughout. Our grow room is a spare...
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    JackStafford's - DWC - CFL - Stealth Easy Ryder - Grow Journal - 2015

    Hi all. Long time thief on the forum, been stealing everybodies gold trying to improve my skills. Figured it was about time I gave something back. This is my fourth grow. I'm limited in space and stealth is essential. I grow in a 45cm x 90cm x 90cm tent which is snuggly stashed in a lockable...
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