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auto anesthesia

  1. Butter Milk

    Butter's Auto Anesthesia: Indoor, Soil, LED 4-65W

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to get a journal started. I’m growing 2 plants, 1 sprouted a week late, but is catching up quickly in size. I am using LST on the older plant (9/7/18) and I FIM’d the younger plant (9/13/18) @ 15 days. As of Oct. 1st they are 24 and 17 days old. Both growing in one 3...
  2. P

    Auto grow disaster

    I am currently growing a auto anesthesia plant outdoors in the UK. I grew it indoors for about 4 weeks and then moved it outside. It has been outside for 2weeks now. Disaster struck about 4 days after moving outside when half of one of the leaves was eaten off. Another leaf was then eaten off...
  3. Soup 01

    5 x Auto - Anesthesia - Coco - 600W

    Hi all, thought i would start a grow journal, been using the site for ages for reference and reading through people grow's for inspiration etc. Anyway im on my 3rd proper grow, and my first time growing Auto's. Seems to be going well so far, im 3 weeks into the cycle as of today so have allot of...
  4. M

    Murkerrr's First Soil Auto Anesthesia CFL Grow Journal - 2014

    Hey guys, welcome to my first grow journal! The reason I am doing this is because i have never grown before, and I know I will be able to get lots of good advice from other experienced forum members. I also just want to keep a log of this for my own personal enjoyment :) Of course, any and all...
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