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  1. aceknight

    Auto-Flower Creations

  2. Peeece

    My First Auto March Madness - Lemon Drop, Gypsy Widow, Cheese, Amnesia

    Spring is in the air... finally after a beotch of a winter!! I'm going to run some Auto's as a quick fix to the long cold winter we had... I've been dying to start growing again, but I am also planning on a new grow room but am waiting to be able to work in half decent weather as I can't even...
  3. C

    Small buds after a rather long flowering time

    Hi guys, New to the forum, and was hoping i could get some help. The plant being grown is a sensi skunk automatic and therefore should grow quickly, roughly 45 -55 days. Having initially grown on a windowsill the plant did not receive a great deal of sunlight resulting in it becoming...
  4. B

    Sweet Mango Auto Grow

    first few days week 2 week 4 missed a week have the pics on my phone my digital was dead but heres 4 to date. equipment ballast timer reflector
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