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auto autflowering

  1. 20190124_190925.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary in flower and stacking up daily Day 40 since planting
  2. Veedubgrow

    Maxbloom X4 Plus LED Grow

    This red dwarf Autoflower is about 16 days old underneath the maxbloom X4 Plus LED so far the plant has had vigorous growth and seems to love the LED I highly recommend this led for new Growers and experienced Growers alike there is growth happening daily the veg knob is on 100% now and it's...
  3. Auto-flower.jpg


  4. rottenhawg

    1st post from a new member

    Hey y'all . . . I am a 62 year old male with over 40 years of outdoor growing experience . . . I have grown in Hawaii, California, Alaska, and a few other places . . . I recently had a change of circumstance and had to change to indoor grows. I started with a home mad micro cabinter and a 150...
  5. ddGreenThumb

    DdGreenThumb's Indoor Medium Candy Cream Grow Journal, 2018

    Hello all! I'm a new member in the community and have been somewhat keeping personal logs of my grows, but I really wanted to do one from start to finish here in the forum. I'm sure I'll do this incorrectly at first, so edits are likely to come. The Details Seed/Medium Information: Seed ...
  6. odinsmaster

    Odin Grows LSD-25 & Gorilla Glue

    This will be my 5th grow. I will be growing 2 Fast buds Lsd-25 autos, and 2 Fast buds Gorilla Glue. This will be my 3rd grow in this room, the last grow was a disaster so changing a few things on this one. Every grow i have done i have fried the plants pretty good, but still had good outcomes...
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  8. 20180407_214049.jpg


  9. IMG_9643.jpg


    Blew Hiller NLxBB Auto Week 3
  10. IMG_9639.jpg


    Blew Hiller Alien Mephisto Auto Week 6
  11. IMG_9634.jpg


    Blew Hiller NLxBB
  12. My lst2ndwkflw.jpg

    My lst2ndwkflw.jpg

    My little bonsai are starting to frost up
  13. Lamp change flower.jpg

    Lamp change flower.jpg

    Changed 250w MH lamp to 450w HPS
  14. 20180307_215443.jpg


    Flowers at 4 weeks...wow
  15. LstAbove.jpg


    LST above the canopy
  16. Re-purpose.jpg


    Old stalk from fall outdoor harvest
  17. JackRedins

    Candy Cane Auto - Newby To Indoor

    Ok time to take the plunge. After sticking to outdoor grows since '76 I figured I'd try a tiny indoor op. Light one fixture, adjustable ballast 250w MH for veg 400w HPS for flower I want 4 plants so I germinated 5 seeds according to crop king seeds directions. They guarantee an 80% success...
  18. ondercuver

    8 Beans DP Auto Ultimate - Soilless

    Decided to start a journal , it should help me and entertain others... a win-win situation :) What strain is it?-------------------------------------- Auto Ultimate from Dutch Passion Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?-- Hybrid Is it in Veg or Flower stage...
  19. L

    New Grower Growing White Widow Auto Fem - Need Guidance

    This is the chemicals i will be using And thats my set up but ima have a smaller 1 gal bucket. The main plant is in the red bucket its a 3.5 Gallon I DON'T KNOW A CORRECT FEEDING SCHEDULE i have a timer for the led its a 300watt galaxyhydro from Amazon Any help is appreciated. Will keep...
  20. OldSchool1965

    Critique my setup please - 2x4 tent LED Dutch Bucket - First indoor grow

    HYDRO GROW Strain - TBD autos # of Plants - 3 autos in rotation / perpetual Grow Type - Hydro 2x4 Tent Setup - Dutch Buckets Light - OPTIC LED OPTIC 2 COB LED GROW LIGHT 400 (actual 205W). Two of these lights Nutrients - GH Maxi or Masterblend 4-18-38 + Medium - Perlite / Vermiculite...
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