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  1. Gauge Steel

    Gauge Steel's House Warming Party - Cookies & Kush With Hydro Downstairs - Welcome

    Welcome Everyone. New Journal with cool new stuff to see and do. Mostly laugh at my ignorance. Nah we have fun. Gaugetown is full of some great people and phenomenal growers from around the world. I would like to think this collection of visitors has at least 25% of what anybody needs to...
  2. budmaker2112

    Budmaker2112's First Attempt - Ebb&Flow - Coco - LED - Auto White Widow & Candy Cane

    What strain is it? Auto White Widow x2 and Auto Candy Cane x2 (CKS) Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seed Indoor or outdoor? Gorilla Lite 4x4 Ventilation? I am running a 6" 440cfm carbon filter and fan with passive intake. Also a couple small clip fans Size of light? Platinum LED P4-XML2 325w...
  3. H

    Strange marks on leaves - Possible stunted growth

    Medium: Happy Frog Soil Light: 400 Watt MH Temperature: 75-81 Humidity: 50-66 No Nutrients yet, will start in week 4 I am in week 2, my 4 gorilla glue autoflowers have been doing well except for some odd marks on the leaves in this one, I noticed the yellow marks shortly after it got...
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