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auto autoflowering

  1. J

    Autoflower BlowMind Amnesia/S.A.D Outdoor Buds

    :welcome: Hello everyone I just want to share my latest plant as my second real grow it was a nice experience and the plant was very nice orange and like smell so good. Well I hope every one likes it.
  2. C

    Auto Trianwreck Crop King Seeds

    This is my first grow with Crop Kings ordered 5 pack they sent me 7 started 3 so far putting them in soil tomorrow.
  3. B

    Help! Beginner in growing!

    Hello guys, this is my 40 days old(from seedling) Blue Cheese Auto from Barney's Farm seeds. I am growing indoors in soil,under 5 LED lamps of 120w each(warm white light) and 6000 lumens overall. I added some 30-10-10 veg nutes today,some Cal-Mag and I transplanted it 2 weeks ago. Been adding...
  4. Lord Simmer

    420 LSD-25 Autoflower Outdoor 2016 - Lord Simmer

    PLANTS: FAST Seeds Genetics: LSD x Ruderalis Soil: 1. KGRO Premium Potting Soil Nutrients: o General Hydroponics FloraDuo A o General Hydroponics FloraDuo B o General Hydroponics FloraKleen Anticipated Heights: 27-47" Anticipated Weight: med-high Averaging Flowering: 8-9...
  5. unforgiven

    Dutch Treat Auto Perpetual

    well i'm back folks!!! pardon the lack of caps or over use of punctuation. this aint a dadgummed English lesson here. ok so on with the show. just gonna be simple start today. here we are attempting to setup a perpetual harvest from auto fem seeds. specifically dutch treat auto...
  6. R

    Northern Lights autoflower

    Northern lights autoflower by crop king seeds 3 weeks of flowering
  7. G

    35 day auto transplant question

    Soil: FFOF 40% Pearlite 40% E-worm casting 20% Lighting: After seedlings: 18-6 1000w HPS for 25 days Now: 18-6 600w LED, 65W CFL (1000w room is now on 12-12), on day 35 of total life. Nute's: FF Trio every 3rd water following schedule at 50-66.6% strength. I have never...